UKIP stand candidate in Clacton after pledge to withdraw

By Searchlight Team

We just can’t let this pass: only a few days ago, UKIP said they were withdrawing from 7 seats to help out Nigel Farage and Reform. As we pointed out, this was complete tosh: they didn’t have candidates for these seats, weren’t going to find any, and anyway, two of the seats no longer existed. And now, after almost wetting herself with excitement that ‘my friend’ Nigel Farage was running after all, UKIP Leader Lois Parry has announced that UKIP will be running a candidate, in Clacton, against Farage himself.

Left hand? Right hand? Who knows. But we’re pretty sure her ‘friend’ will be less than impressed.

2 responses on “UKIP stand candidate in Clacton after pledge to withdraw

  1. Royal Toff

    It was news to Farage that UKIP’s Leader Fantasist Lois Perry was his ‘friend’. I learned from UKIP’s resigned Deputy Leader, the one who called out the sex pest Chairman Walker, that Perry happened to be at a party Nigel attended and begged him for a photo. ‘Friend’ indeed.

    This 180-degrees change in a mere three days, to spoil Farage’s chances, is “odd even” by UKIP’s sewer standards.

    Now the onetime party, under Able Semen Walker’s Watch (Eight Bell-Ends, not Eight Bells), is so clearly linked to the illegal drugs trade in South Wales — Llanelli, Newport, Pembroke and probably more I haven’t yet heard about — could that be a clue for the erratic conduct and reversals?

    While waiting for him to clarify, or apologise for lying about, his naval rank, I think you should press him for an explanation about this.too.

    Perry “almost wetting herself” about this? Look up the husband Richard Hillgrove, whom she told the tabloid was bipolar, blaming his conviction for tax fraud on her own appetities, and you can see it doesn’t take much.

    The five-inch deep wisdom of Walker’s choice for Leader, while lackey Pat Bryant watches.

  2. Watchman

    Lois Perry appears to talk out of both sides of her deformed, plasticky mouth !!

    Is she an out-and-out liar, confused, a rambling idiot, or is she again reading from a script her Boss put in front of her, like here

    SHE IS STANDING IN HARLOW WHERE I LIVE AND VOTE, and nowhere near her own home in Leigh the other side of Essex. I found this website with Google, it is a treasure trove about what is truly happening in UKIP and helped fill in all the gaps.

    General Election Hustings for Harlow
    7pm Wed June 19th 2024
    Passmores Academy, Tracyes Road, Harlow CM18 6JH

    I will be there and I invite your readers in the vicinity to come too and help Lois Perry tell the truth.

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