Searchlight magazine is the place to find out information on the far right at home and abroad. Launched as a monthly magazine in 1975, Searchlight has repeatedly exposed the illegal activities of Britain’s nazis. It comprises articles from leading researchers and journalists on the far right from across the globe.

I’d like to congratulate Searchlight on their many years of successful campaigning against fascism and the extreme right and on investigating and uncovering injustice. Today, this is needed more than ever.

Lord Alf Dubs

The essence of trade unionism is solidarity, fairness and equality – for all workers – from all backgrounds. That’s why our fight against the far-right has always been part of our movement’s DNA. Searchlight is an incredibly important resource for trade unions and members to understand the contemporary tactics of far-right activity. Their work and intelligence gathering over the years have been incredibly insightful for the work we do, and how we fight the scourge of fascism.

Paul Nowak, TUC General Secretary

Everyone who wants to understand contemporary racism and its historical background needs to read Searchlight.
Professor Colin Holmes, University of Sheffield

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