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You are no longer able to take out a subscription to Searchlight as we are in the process of moving fully online.

In this fast moving world the printed page is becoming obsolete, environmentally-unfriendly and outdated, literally in the case of a quarterly magazine. We have been updating our website throughout 2024 and will be fully online by the time of our final in-print offering which will be a special issue celebrating 50 years of being in regular print which will hit doormats for the final time in February 2025.

We appreciate the support of our readers new and old, some of whom have been receiving Searchlight since we first went into regular print in 1975.

We appreciate that some readers will be disappointed with our decision to move online which we have postponed for as long as we could.

Existing subscribers have been advised to stop any standing orders or paypal subscriptions unless they wish to continue supporting  our work which obviously we will still need funds for.

If you continue your subscription you will become a Searchlight Supporter. More details to follow

You can subscribe to Searchlight magazine online using a credit or debit card by choosing a rate from the drop-down menu and then clicking the Paypal button.

If you already have a Paypal account, you can use that to pay – but you do not need one.

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