Nick Griffin minder, Joe Owens, standing as ‘independent’ in Wavertree

By Searchlight Team

Amongst a number of the well-known far right characters standing as independents in the general election we find this choice specimen: veteran thug Joe Owens, a former minder for Nick Griffin with admitted links to Merseyside gangsters, in Liverpool Wavertree.

In 1982 Owens was jailed for posting packages containing razor blades to members of Liverpool’s Jewish community, and he served a further jail sentence twelve years later for possession of illegal weapons while working as a club doorman linked to organised crime.

Now he is a habitual online far right activist, describing himself as a ‘social media influencer’ trying to preserve Liverpool’s ‘unique character, traditions and cultural identity… No to cultural change’.

Owens is most famous for being charged in 1998 with the contract killing of George Bromley, a leading Liverpool gangster. After one of the main prosecution witnesses against Owens withdrew his evidence, the case collapsed, and Owens still maintains his innocence. Bromley’s murder remains unsolved.

Lucky old Wavetree…

One response on “Nick Griffin minder, Joe Owens, standing as ‘independent’ in Wavertree

  1. John Davies

    I remember when Griffin was given a spot on Any Questions and was treated like the monster he was David Dimbleby unusually, asked him questions with obvious hostility and contempt, Bonne Greer had her back turned he was closed down.
    Now., Farage is treated by the likes of Oxbridge Bruce as if he were an elder statesman with views that should be treated with respect; they shake his hand !
    What dd out parent’s generation die for ?

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