More high level departures from UKIP

By Searchlight Team

Recent weeks have witnessed a couple more high-level departures from the sinking ship that is UKIP, in apparent disgust at what has been happening at the heart of the party.

Lois Parry’s recent election as Leader meant she automatically joined the Board of Directors of UKIP Ltd., the company which owns the party, and  is in turn controlled by the trust run by Chairman Ben Walker.

Perry’s appointment, however, when notified to Companies House, was accompanied by news that two other Directors, retired Squadron Leader Peter Richardson and Julie Carter, had recently resigned.

And it appears that these two stalwarts have not just left the board but withdrawn from the party completely.

Carter (right), from a longstanding UKIP-supporting family and till November an NEC member and the party’s Education spokesperson, was previously the UKIP election candidate in Ealing Central and Acton. She is no longer a spokesperson nor on the NEC and is, in fact, contesting the same seat as an independent.

Richardson (left), formerly UKIP’s Defence and Veterans spokesperson and only last year their candidate in the Somerset and Frome by election, has also gone off the radar. He is no longer listed as a spokesperson or as an NEC member and is not standing, even in the successor Frome and East Somerset constituency, in the forthcoming election.

There are rumours that both have been troubled by recent coverage of UKIP’s internal affairs, most notably by Searchlight, and that when some helpful dissident souls started circulating a dossier of revelatory articles, their thoughts and intentions crystallised. Shortly afterwards, both decided to call it a day.

Julie Carter is rubbing salt in the wound by telling the local press that one of her policy priorities is “protecting the elderly and vulnerable from fraudsters”.

She may well have in mind the conviction of prominent Wales UKIP activist Dan Morgan in a massive fraud which robbed hundreds of vulnerable people of thousands of pounds of savings. UKIP, it appears, cares not one jot and still welcomes Morgan – also a buddy of Tommy Robinson – to its bosom.

Well, we assume that’s who she has in mind…

The election sees the once-mighty UKIP struggling: only 25 candidates are being fielded around the country and, as we predicted, some leadership figures, most notably Chairman Ben Walker and Deputy Leader Nick Tenconi, are standing back from the fray.

Walker in particular would not relish some of the awkward question that might come his way: about the trust through which he maintains control of the party, or the allegations made by former Deputy Leader Rebecca Jane about him trying to ‘bed’ her.

One response on “More high level departures from UKIP

  1. One-Eyed Jacks (

    Many years back my ‘branch’ none of us still being a member of this treasonous party lost track of the cummings and goings of title-hungry chiefs without indians, with whom the amusing liarKIP Gottfarter plays puppeteer.

    Unforgivable is while pretending to be putting Country first, standing aside for Reform UK while in real life liarKIP doing the opposite putting up vote-splitter candidates against Nigel Farage, Richard Tice and others.

    We protested that the comic disgraced ex-magistrate STILL UNTIL LAST WEEK listed ANNE MARIE WATERS as his Justice, Abuse & Exploitations, Equality & Disability Spokesperson, while she had resigned in disgust from that and all other party positions months ago!

    Now we did a catchup on the musical chairs. Missing from their Candidate Roster is not only who you mentioned, but also liarKIP Elder Statesman Neil Hamilton and Party Director Patricia Mountain who aren’t wasting their money on a lost cause just to keep up the sham for the erstwhile Chair.

    Also missing are the resigned National Nominating Officer Jamie Baker, his neighbour YI Jack Thomson, Local Councillors’ Representative Steve Hollis who may not have noticed liarKIP lost all its local councillors by May 2023 and he himself is only a parish councillor, Paul Elvis Campbell their Wales leader, also Steve Grimes, John Gartside and Tony Nailer who we hear are getting sicker of the charade if not yet ashamed of their roles…

    Last but also least of the absentees, Patricia Kharma Bryant, with whom so much credit for the party’s success Lies.

    Our branch worked out what happened to resigned Deputy Leader Ms Rebecca Jane Sutton, but what happened to Psychic Coordinator Ms Joanna Grzesiak, General Secretary Treasure Ms Lexi Okwu and her predecessor Ms Stavroula Tomara?

    Our former treasurer wrote to Party Secretary faceless. but last declared as Joshua Bruno Radcliffe Barrister-At-Law, to get clarifications about apparent irregularities, but she has yet to be favoured by a reply and is considering how to escalate.

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