Is a UKIP undertaking worth the paper it’s written on? It appears not…

By Searchlight Team

As we reported last week, when Nigel Farage assumed the leadership of Reform UK and threw his hat in the ring in Clacton, UKIP Leader Lois Perry squealed with delight and announced that, in order to support her ‘friend’ and further the cause of right-wing unity, UKIP would stand down in Reform’s favour in seven constituencies.

That was nonsense. They had no candidates lined up in most of those constituencies and two of them were actually abolished in the most recent set of boundary changes.

But even the spirit of the undertaking lasted no longer than close of nominations four days later.

When the candidates lists were announced it turned out that UKIP was now not only running against Farage himself in Clacton – where, to be fair, no undertaking had actually been given – but they are also running against Reform in the successor constituencies to the which had been abolished.

On Perry’s standing down list were Barnsley Central and Barnsley East. Last year they were replaced by Barnsley North and Barnsley South, and you would think that the spirit of Perry’s undertaking would mean those would be left as a free run for Reform.

But no. Oh dear, no. Ukip have pulled the rather crafty trick of outsourcing those seats to their allies in the English Democrats, with whom they are bound in an officially-registered electoral partnership called the Patriots Alliance.

So, in Barnsley South we find Maxine Spencer (pictured right) running as the “Patriots Alliance – English Democrats and UKIP” candidate and in Barnsley North, Janus Polenceusz (left) standing for the English Democrats.

In both cases their opponents include Reform UK.

This will, without doubt, have furthered the cause of right-wing unity immeasurably…

3 responses on “Is a UKIP undertaking worth the paper it’s written on? It appears not…

  1. Royal Toff

    I thought allowing Unwin (friend of the jailed brothel-keeper) to stand for Christchurch MP showed UKIP scraping a hole through the bottom of the barrel, but with these…….. I better be careful. Does anyone have any ideas of any pronoun preferences of the Many Splendoured Pair?

  2. Watchman

    Since when has UKIP, or its leader, indulging in a taste for Giant Gobstopping Humbugs been News?

    Ignoring that Never-Removable Ultra-Permanent Bogus Chairman Benjamin Lee Walker has been the de facto UKIP Leader for three or four years and forever more, Lois Perry is a strong contender for the title of the looniest ever UKIP “leader”. Or for the craziest “leader” of any registered political party that ever won a seat in a public election in the U.K.

    I think you have Special Needs to check her out more thoroughly.

  3. MyWordIsMyBond

    The maddest leader had to be Freddie “Freddie Groomer” Vaccha. Basically clinically insane, drowning in narcissism, used a bucket as a toilet and lives in a bunker because the Russians are after him. He was the resident bully in the party. He or “she” Will take some serious beating.

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