Farage election U-turn provides cover for fishy candidacy claims by Kippers

By Searchlight Team

Leaders of UKIP are privately offering up prayers of thanks to Nigel Farage for digging them out of a calamity-sized hole. There they were, wondering how on earth they were going to assemble a respectable number of candidates for the election, when good old ‘Dodgy’ Nige comes along and throws them a lifeline. Within 24 hours of him lobbing his hat into the Clacton ring, they announced they would not now be standing candidates in seven constituencies where Reform stood a chance of doing well. All in the interests of right-wing unity. Of course.

There are just a couple of problems with this. Firstly, in most of the constituencies where they claim to be standing down, they did not actually have candidates lined up in the first place. One of them, Hartlepool, had a declared candidate up to a few weeks ago, but she, the odious Ann Marie Waters, has since withdrawn from party affairs – including resigning as a director of UKIP Ltd – citing personal reasons. Her real motive is believed to be that she realised her candidacy for party leader in the recent election was going to be spiked by Chairman Ben Walker, whom she planned to sack immediately if she was elected.

And there’s another little problem: two of the constituencies from which they claim to be withdrawing don’t actually exist anymore: Barnsley Central and Barnsley East were both abolished in the recent round of boundary changes.

Rumours abound that the UKIP leadership (Leader Lois Perry, Deputy Leader Nick Tencone and Chairman Ben Walker) are all frit at the prospect of having to stand themselves and risk facing public interrogation about, for instance, Walker’s control of the party through a mysterious trust, or allegations as to his libidinousness by former Deputy Leader Rebecca Jane. And, of course, there is the issue of his rank when he served in the Royal Navy, which has been curiously misrepresented in the media (albeit not by him) on a number of occasions, but never corrected.

Perry has been dropping hints all over the place that she will be running in the east of England somewhere as an “Essex girl” but so far, no firm declaration. Just pictures of her outside The Bull pub, in Brentwood, apparently waiting for a lunchtime meeting with her election agent. We await developments …

2 responses on “Farage election U-turn provides cover for fishy candidacy claims by Kippers

  1. CAR27

    UKIP is controlled by the most fearful liars, read

    It announces UKIP “withdrawing” candidates whom it never had, or had any prospects of getting, ever. That is Fraud.

    Withdrawing these phantoms even from constituencies that don’t exist any more. The fake party has no shame at all.

    All this, to conceal that even its most fanatical diehards refused to put their hands in their pockets to pay £500 lost deposits, and all the money coming in is hoovered up by its con-man Chairman who then claims there is none to spend.

    This person is also De-Facto Leader, Deputy Leader, Treasurer, Party Director, General Secretary, Returning Officer, Campaign Manager, Spokesperson etc but not speechwriter, that work is he gets that done by his fat, paid ‘personal services’ girl Friday in Bath, or in the bath, or the clerk, that work is done by his personal assistant paid by UKIP.

    Whether UKIP manages to put together even ten lunatics with more money than senses will be known by Friday.

    Does newcomer Lois Perry really believe the BS she is instructed to say by the bully? She claimed to have had close encounters with Nigel and with Boris before that, so she seems to be a fat liar too, not slim like Giorgia Meloni.

    I suspect she’s more bipolar than her poor husband or is it ex-, the tax cheat, and she is vulnerable and needing of help which is the opposite of what the UKIP Chairman will dispense. https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/12250771/high-and-lows-life-with-bipolar-husband-kanye-west

    Eventually she will go where those wiser already went, and may spill the beans about the racket of pretending UKIP is real and so entitled to collect bequests, all the while untruthfully blaming Reform for not doing a deal.

  2. Just A Pleb

    Resigned Ukip Deputy Leader Rebecca Jane reveals in the final analysis she’s a lady of character, who speaks out against injustice, theft and fraud ->
    Congratulations are offered.

    The contrast between Jane and her former NEC colleagues, the two antique unprincipled Pats, both lying witches hobbling to the knackers yard, could not be greater!

    That coven, and the craven senile Pretend-Treasurer, appear addicted to the smell and taste of the arse of convicted crook, Party-Chairman CUM Party-Everything-Else-Too, who knows like the Pretend-Sailor he is that it’s easy with the lights off when dreaming of Lois.

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