Exposing the ‘independent’ candidates

By Searchlight Team

Left to Right: Brian Silvester, Andrew Emmerson, David Durrant, Ray Brady

Throughout this campaign we will be on the lookout for ‘independent’ candidates with a background in far right politics. Just so that voters are aware that they if they vote for them, they may not necessarily be voting for some non-party servant of the community.

We begin today with Brian Silvester, a perennial candidate for Islamophobic and far right parties including For Britain, standing in Crewe & Nantwich, as candidate for the ‘Putting Crewe First, Independent Residents Group’.

Then there’s Andrew Emerson, a former BNP organiser and founder of the minuscule Patria party, who is an independent in Chichester.

David Durant , a former veteran of Patrick Harrington’s defunct NF faction, Third Way, and now an independent local councillor, is contesting Hornchurch & Upminster as an independent.

And lastly, for today, Ray Brady, who was dropped from Reform UK’s candidates’ list a few weeks ago after exposure of his racist social media posts, is independent candidate for Buckingham & Bletchley.

One response on “Exposing the ‘independent’ candidates

  1. One-Eyed Jacks (

    https://whocanivotefor.co.uk/person/67898/ray-brady shows Brady was a UKIP candidate earlier, in the 2021 local elections in Milton Keynes.


    explains his earlier offensive comments. Coming last out of 5 in 2021, he then abandoned UKIP of his own accord, seeking greener pastures, and then this


    At least Reform dropped him once they found out.

    Brady’s now got his begging bowl out –


    and has, in two weeks, raised £90.

    Which is £90 more than UKIP managed to raise in the three months of its putting out the begging bowl!


    As part of its “Uniting The Right” campaign, UKIP alleges that the Reform Party is leftwing marxist and run by hopenothate – because it had the sense to drop bad apples.

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