Clacton’s dumped Reform candidate threatens to split Farage vote

By Searchlight Team

When Nigel Farage made his screeching U-turn from ’There’s no chance that I will run in this election’ to ’I am the candidate for Clacton’ a few people will have thought: How odd, that the seaside town that actually elected a UKIP MP (twice!) should have been left vacant by Reform, and thus be available for the egomaniac in chief to fill the breach at short notice. The answer was that it hadn’t. Clacton already had a Reform candidate. And not just a wandering someone-or-other but Tony Mack – an actual native Clactonian.

So, Farage had, in the blink of an eye, not only elbowed aside Richard Tice as party leader. but shoulder-barged away the Reform candidate for Clacton with barely so much as a ’This looks like a plum seat. Buzz off, I’m having it!’ Mack was duly wheeled out in front of the Farage-fawning Daily Express to proclaim that he was delighted to have been thus usurped and would be doing everything possible to get the carpetbagger elected. One can only assume that he carried out this interview with a loaded kipper held to his head, because come close of nominations Mack was still on the candidates’ list – but as an independent.

Yes, the bruised local is actually standing against the milkshake magnet. Farage behaves like a dictator… Farage barely even knows where Clacton is… Farage is just playing for time while he waits for a job offer from Trump. Who knows what barbs Mack will come out with. But you can bet that it will be pretty vitriolic. And that it won’t find its way into the Daily Express.

One response on “Clacton’s dumped Reform candidate threatens to split Farage vote

  1. Royal Toff

    Bruised Mack behaves, in anger and hurt, against his own long-term interests, but he’s no fool!

    For when phoooKip came a’ wooing on Monday, Tony gave them their marching orders, telling them to Foxtrot Oscar, and instead went Indy.

    But it appears that a few scoops of mentally-ill people still don’t get it that that phoooKip is run by corrupt Tories to satisfy their greed or lust, and personally lost expenses and £500 apiece, for the privilege of making public fools of themselves on the fourth of July.

    phoooKip’s leaders want to teach Farage and Tice a lesson for shunning them. One reason Reform UK won’t entertain any comms with phoooKip is they don’t want to be contaminated by association with a party embroiled in scandal upon scandal and run by rogues like Neil Hamilton and Ben Walker or fools like puppet Lois Perry.

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