Vile UKIP racism on open display

By Searchlight Team

Content warning: this post concerns and shows highly offensive racist propaganda.

This particularly nauseous post appeared recently on the Berkshire UKIP Facebook page run by Gary Johnson, Director of UKIP Ltd, NEC member, South East Regional Chair and apparently Chair of any number of fantasy UKIP branches in Berkshire and at least six other counties. 

Gary Johnson – who runs the Facebook page on which this appeared

If you thought that this was just a party of harmless old anti-EU duffers, you would be quite wrong. UKIP’s lurch to the racist and conspiracist right continues apace…

4 responses on “Vile UKIP racism on open display

  1. We Remember

    This Racist Joke is simply not true about any Ethnicity in this country, either. I show you: The hard working Asian shop-keepers and the doctors and nurses who came to this country to build a better life for themselves and for the rest of us. Also, by way of FACT, the Ethnic minorities are not over-represented in the benefits system anyway. So there, Racists.

  2. Waqas Ahmed

    Don’t see anything too startling there, sorry. It’s mild for ukip.
    Here’s another from the G.Glitter UKIP Berkshire facebook page, posted on 30 April 2023 –
    I’m sure the councillor kicked out of office by the good people of Dudley will be taking note now it is his name on the banner.

  3. Broadwater Broadside yes I think we can peer into the depravity of this Gary Johnson of DirtyKIP.

    The CONVICTED criminal and dishonest ROGUE BUILDER and recently EXPELLED (for DECEPTION) Justice Of The Peace Ben Walker of DURSLEY has dragged this Illusory Party with him into a DUNG-HEAP. suggests he represents a danger of another type too.

    Desperate to get anyone for such a degraded party to stand in elections, Vile Walker in February made this Gary Johnson into a UKIP Parliamentary Prospective Candidate !
    From their Minutes we get this rollcall of UKIP PPCs for the next national election, Inner Circle with asterisks.
    Gary Johnson – Newbury *
    Ms Leanne Barnes – Poole *
    Stan Robinson – Llanelli *
    Anne-Marie Waters – Hartlepool * (probably gone)
    John Poynton – Maidenhead *
    Robert Bilcliff – Tamworth
    Martin Potter – Worcester
    Paul De’ath – Kenilworth & Southam
    Gerry Smith – Stratford
    Andrew Pemberton – Clacton

    If you contact “Ms Leanne Barnes”, who follows in Ben Walker’s sordid trail of Miss Rebecca Jane, Miss Treasure lexi Okwu, Miss Joanna Grzesiak, Miss Lois Perry, others he’s kept hidden, all pretty young or even very young clueless women lacking any political experience or ability, to explain she is only there to help pretend that Returning Officer Walker’s UKIP Leadership election is genuine, ask for her reaction to her fellow candidate Gary Johnson’s published tastes. But do not confuse this Leanne Barnes with the respectable family mediation professional already horrified that her name has got her mistakenly associated by search-engines with the racist perverted UKIP.

    With so many drug-related scandalous connections, little wonder that UKIP’s
    is still stranded at zero-raised.

    Heritage’s chunky moneygrabber Dave is better at grifting — despite the state of it.

  4. Againe

    Johnson isn’t even a moron.
    Father, forgive him, for he knows not what he does, says, scribbles, or publishes.
    One might as well debate morality with a cucumber.

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