Tommy Robinson gets warm welcome back into UKIP fold

By Searchlight Team

It was only back in 2018 that UKIP began tearing itself apart when leader Gerald Batten appointed Tommy ‘Ten Names’ Robinson as the party’s ‘grooming’ adviser. An association with the likes of Robinson was  too much for many members. The link was short lived but the damage was done. Now it seems Robinson is once again welcome: he got the warmest of receptions on 5th March in Llanelli from those scumbags at Voice of Wales (aka south Wales UKIP online TV) run by convicted fraudster, Dan Morgan, and former trade union buster, Stan Robinson..

More clear evidence – if any were needed – of UKIP’s current rightwards direction of travel.

2 responses on “Tommy Robinson gets warm welcome back into UKIP fold

  1. Chez Bruce

    If Tommy T.N. was genuine or careful, he wouldn’t touch with a bargepole today’s UKIP, run by its erstwhile director but forever permanent boss, the dictator Ben Walker.

    The same Walker was at the very heart of the conspiracy to drive Tommy’s own backer UKIP Leader Gerard Batten and his merry men from the party, so that he, Walker, could usurp all the power and get his grubby paws on the money.

    Which is it. Tommy, is it you were too lazy to look, or too dishonest to care?