UKIP trounced in Llanelli local elections

By Searchlight Team

Good to see that, despite their efforts at whipping up hatred in Llanelli, south Wales, UKIP failed miserably in the local elections , which, unusually, were held on a Wednesday. Their candidate, an anti-net zero former barrister, Hettie Sheehan, polled a mere 27 votes (4.3%) in the county election for Elli ward, and 43 votes (6.5%) in the same ward in the town council elections. This was despite UKIP putting almost all of its national efforts into campaigning in the town in 2023, and despite some canvassing help from Voice of Wales lowlife and former trade union buster Stan Robinson (pictured). Come to think of it, in south Wales, maybe that’s what did for her.

2 responses on “UKIP trounced in Llanelli local elections

  1. Chez Bruce

    Hettie, go join Reform instead, if they will have you, most of that crew are genuine.

    UKIP (which means Walker) has the cheek to criticise Reform for being a corporation controlled by only three people, but it is UKIP that is a corporation, number 05090691, UKIP Limited, that since May 2021 is under not three but one person, that same Walker.

    There are no shareholders, only sock-poppet “company members”, “NEC members”, “directors”, all 101 per cent under his control and either terrified of him, or content with a few crumbs that fall from the rich man’s caravan table, or too boneheaded to comprehend.

    Would have expected more sense from counsel. So, move on Hettie, there is nothing for you here, unless you have been promised work as a criminal barrister with expertise at defending crooks who commit perjury by lying on judicial submissions.