Muslim war memorial plan brings out the bigots

By Searchlight Team

Laura Towler, Patriotic Alternative deputy leader plumbed new depths when responding to Jeremy Hunt’s budget announcement of £1m for a memorial to 1.5 million Muslims who died in WW2, she posted: “What is there even left left to say anymore?”

And. not one to be outdone in the sheer vileness stakes, Laurence Fox contributed this:

One response on “Muslim war memorial plan brings out the bigots

  1. Mike

    Don’t be silly, expecting bigots to read history books or tolerate debate!

    This PATRIOTIC ALTERNATIVE is as much a Party of Free Speech as UKIP — could be that is why UKIP registered the description PATRIOTS ALLIANCE with the elections regulator in December?

    In June, one “Ben Walker” had already formed PATRIOTS ALLIANCE Limited, naturally with him as the only director and shareholder. Who is he and where is the grifter’s money coming from, surely not from his string of failed or failing building businesses?