UKIP Feud – Rebecca Jane pours petrol on the flames

By Searchlight Team

UKIP’s internal feud has just become even dirtier with Rebecca Jane, recently resigned Deputy Leader, pouring petrol on the fires by posting these private messages between her and Chairman Ben Walker where he slagged off leading members of the party’s NEC.

Meanwhile, UKIP Home Affairs spokesman Steve Unwin pitched in, backing Walker, but setting back the cause of right-wing unity just a touch by referring to Richard Tice’s Reform UK party as “c…ts who won’t even talk to us.

Mmmm. Wonder why…?

5 responses on “UKIP Feud – Rebecca Jane pours petrol on the flames

  1. a patriot

    As somebody who, long ago when they actually were parties, was a member of first the English Democrats and then UKIP, I warrant they are a match made in heaven.

    The allegedly randy alleged cunt of an alleged magistrate with many criminal convictions who is the unelected de-facto permanent leader of UKIP is allegedly a much more proficient and psycho cunt than the lawyer permanently attached to the ED teat.

  2. royalblue1982

    Is knobhead Unwin in competition with the English Democrats knobhead, to determine who in the Patriots Alliance can outcunt the other?

    Odd that UKIP professed surprise that its “Unite the Right” scam met with no response, with no party wanted to be associated with the Party of “cunting” and scandal, UKIP. Not very bright, are they?

    UKIP has so many knobheads that I lost track, but is this gutter-tongued knob Unwin the same “UKIP Home Affairs, Local Government & Political Reform Spokesman” who was proud to have on his facebook profile page a photo of him posing, with an imbecilic grin, with the infamous Neil “Liar and Cheat” Hamilton and vixen?

    With, front and centre in the same photo, the notorious convicted criminal and UKIP fundraiser Vanessa Coleman, jailed for running several Bournemouth brothels and related crimes, but not for the spanking services she vended?

    This affords a whole new meaning to Spokesman Unwin’s “Home Affairs” expertise.

    However, reading revelations of the recently resigned UKIP Deputy Leader Rebecca Jane about Unwin’s Dear Leader, the convicted crook and grifter Ben Walker, I observe he too has experience in “Home Affairs”, among other things.

    Unwin, helped by that Bryant who’d cited fabulous but debunked reasons for quitting the NEC, did a Simply Marvellous job of destroying UKIP in its former stronghold, the South-West. A video of one of their “booming” online meetings is reportedly available.

    Does Unwin hold the record in UKIP for having the foulest mouth? Somehow, I doubt it.

  3. Ukipwatch

    The winner by a mile in this cat is Ukip’s lardarsed oaf National Nominoting Officer, JAMIE BAKER.
    When he travels south occupying two seats on the intercity, there’s a village near Newcastle that’s left short of its idiot.
    TwoSoulRickRoll has his number and may be around

  4. TwoSoulRickRoll

    Yes, this UKIP’s N.N.O. JAMIE BAKER, the lonely obese loser is the foulest mouthed by a cuntry mile. His tweets reveal his obsession with “wanking”, “douches”, “fucking (of) pigs” “cunts”, “sore arm” and “blurred vision” from “porn”.

    Why is he ideal as Quality Controller for election candidates, in a party filled with fascist and nazi? As N.N.O. he has ultimate responsibility to ensure only suitable people can stand as party candidates. Is this why after fatso took over two years ago, so many UKIP candidates have convictions, Chairman Walker Traveller included? Many others found guilty for drugs or fraud crimes too.

    But he can’t become Porky Leader. Randy Ben Walker decides every thing and as Rebecca Jane made clear he prefers blonde bimbos he can try to bed and who will be dumb enough not to interfere in the legacies racket.

    To get a leg over Baker, a bedside ladder is needed. Anybody knows where in Tyneside “big man” Jamie Baker works? His employer presumably endorses his online views, openly made as they were under the ID @JamieBaker_UK.

    Baker ridiculed another for cowardposting using a pseud or as Baker put it a “blank profile”, but then last summer Baker himself blanked his own profile, deleted boasts about UKIP, anonymised himself to @AskJimJam.

    Still waiting for the lawsuit you promised me in 2022, fatman!

  5. royalblue1982

    Never heard of a Steve Unwin but surely the Bent Wanker should be the “Home Affairs” spokesman he has plenty of experience made ukip into a Harem or Brothel for trailer-trash sorry for his fiancée and kids.