Holocaust denier, Irving, is on his deathbed

By Searchlight Team

Out of all the gloom, some good news: David Irving, the pretend historian and cheer leader for the Third Reich, is on his deathbed and is not expected to last much longer. And before we get any lectures on poor taste, remember this: Irving is an evil swine who spent much of his life minimising the holocaust, whitewashing the nazis and attacking the reputations of those who fought against them. The world will be a better place for his passing.

17 responses on “Holocaust denier, Irving, is on his deathbed

  1. Ben

    I went to the crappy site that was purportedly set up by his family to grift, um, I mean procure donations since he’s both broke and has little of his toxic writing infrastructure set up for after he croaks. Sorely tempted to write at length about how vile he is and how it’s wonderful news that he’ll be dead soon. Ultimately, though, I decided that it wasn’t worth the few minutes it would take to type that out. He’s made the world worse; it will be a better planet soon when he departs this vale and heads off to whatever afterlife a bigoted misanthrope can expect.

  2. Mark Bowen

    He has a different opinion than most of those gullible self-proclaimed historians. And just because of not adhering to the mainstream mob he has been mistreated most of his life.
    Shame on all you swines who claim free speech for yourself but won’t allow it for an opposing opinion.
    Shame on you.

  3. Diane King

    Agree, Arie de Man. Is Irving despised because his opponents couldn’t refute his statements? I pray he makes peace with the Lord before He dies.

  4. frank scott

    amen to arie and curses to your ugly bigotry. israel is the center of global antisemitism where euro jews torture semitic palestinians every second of every day

  5. RayFromDallasOnGab

    Would absolutely love to see someone refute Irving’s work. It has been decades and we are STILL waiting for someone to do so. Instead, we just keep discovering that western countries do not actually believe in free speech, or logic and truth for that matter.

  6. John Michelson

    I wish a peaceful departure to Mr. irving and send my love to his family.

    The amount of hatred I see from the left on a daily basis is high to say the least but I cannot begin to understand the lack of moral compass that would lead someone to glory in the illness and death of another human being.

    I disagree with many people, some of whom have done bad things to me personally but I could not be so repugnant as to revel in their suffering. You people truly disgust me.

  7. Friendo

    Skeptic and truth-finder, David Irving, has my prayers.

    The holocaust-enforcers won’t like that…

  8. We Remember

    Irving is a Monster. His ‘work’ on the Holocaust has been debunked so many times, and in so many ways, by people of many different Ethnicities and Nationalities. He thought Jews were an easy target for cruel Jew-baiting, as do you, Johnny / Mark Bowen / Ray from Dallas / Frank Scott / Arie de Man and Diane King. Irving will be remembered, as is Hitler and the Nazism Irving worshipped, for his merciless and relentless cruelty. The Russians saw through Irving straight away. Notably, Irving did not dare challenge the figure of 27 Million Russian souls who perished in World War Two. Irving will be remembered as Hitler and The Nazis are, as Monsters.

  9. Jonathan

    Many of David Irving’s supporters claim that he was a proponent and defender of free speech, but when journalist Deborah Lipstadt subjected his fake “research” to fair criticism, he sued for libel – he was, as you’d expect, a bitter OPPONENT of free speech. He sued Deborah Lipstadt for libel, and then LOST.

    The summary of the ruling described on Wikipedia states that High Court Judge Charles Gray found that Irving “willfully misrepresented historical evidence to promote Holocaust denial and whitewash the Nazis”, and found that Irving was “an active Holocaust denier, antisemite and racist”, who “for his own ideological reasons persistently and deliberately misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence” in order to “depict Hitler in a favourable light”.

    It’s hard to imagine anyone less patriotic, or anyone more viciously disprespectful to British war dead.

  10. Jonathan

    Arie de Man states (above): “Refute what he wrote rather than resorting to labels. Go fuck yourself”. David Irving’s work has been systematically debunked both by Deborah Lipstadt, and by High Court Judge Charles Gray, but you know this already, Arie de Man, and yet you resort to crass insults to try to reinforce an opinion that you know is factually discredited.

    Mark Bowen states (above): “Shame on all you swines who claim free speech for yourself but won’t allow it for an opposing opinion.” It was David Irving who claimed free speech for himself but tried to prevent free speech for opposing opinions, but you knew that already, Mark Bowen.

    RayFromDallasOnGab states (above): that he would “love to see someone refute Irving’s work”, they have already, but Ray knows that!!!

    John Michelson also talks (above) about “the amount of hatred I see from the left”, but it’s not just “the left” that despise Nazis and racists, nice try!!!

    Finally John Michelson questions what might “lead someone to glory in the illness and death of another human being”. For your information John, it’s not a “lack of moral compass” that causes British people to hate Nazis, it’s the fact that Nazis bombed our communities during the Blitz, killing more than 40,000 innocent Britons.

  11. Oi vey

    People who claim his work to be debunked, can never show us exactly how it was debunked, nor prove all his claims were debunked. This is the same sort of idiotic retard-ness that Jews use against evidence against gas chambers at Auschwitz, where they say “It’s been debunked” or “It’s been proven wrong” yet if you ask them to provide a document or any source which goes through it all in detail and actually debunks it, you’ll never get it.

    Lipstadt did not “win” the trial. She paid each member of the Jury (with the help of Jewish supremacist groups like the ADL) a million pounds each to go against Mr. Irving.

    They did not disprove his points, nor prove the Holocaust or any of their jewish propaganda was real. If your only way of debunking David Irving is “well he lost in a trial where the opponent bribed the Jury” then that shows the inability of historians or “experts” to debunk him.

    If he was wrong, someone should’ve come along and proven him wrong by now. But centuries later, not a single one of his points has been debunked, even by the “historians” who claim he is a liar, they too are unable to prove anything.

    This is why words such as neo-nazi, fascist, racist, nazi-sympathizer, holocaust denier and such are thrown around when it comes to him.
    They cannot disprove him, so they tarnish his reputation and as Irving himself said in a speech:

    “Nobody listen to him, he’s a fascist! Nobody accept what he’s got.”

  12. We Remember

    To ‘Walter’: Try ‘Hitler’s War’, the first of his two-part biography of Adolf Hitler.’ Littered with references. Now you attempt to Deny Irving denied the millions of deaths at the hands of Hitler! Give up. You just look stupid, mate.

  13. Sonia Gable

    In reply to “Oi vey”, we have posted this because we believe in free speech and Nazis like “Oi vey” only show themselves up as the morons they are. However, for the avoidance of doubt, we wish to put on record that the accusation that Deborah Lipstadt paid the jury members is a vile lie.

  14. Arbeit

    I believe that the hateful David Irving is/was both intelligent and mentally-ill.

    Signficantly aided by his fluency in German, which he understood as well as he did English, Irving was capable of putting out quality work, meticulously sourced and referenced, engagingly written, generally balanced, and far better than most amateur historian authors could ever aspire to.

    But when the subject turned to the mass-murder, as masterminded by Hitler, of more than five million Jews, and generally anything at all directly to do with his beloved Fuhrer, Irving lost all balance, judgement and sense, transforming into a voluble and frequently vile crank with an agenda. His contempt, or maybe hatred, for people of African ancestry also occasionally evident.

    I’ve read his most well-known or infamous books, though I haven’t studied them closely. When on the subject of the ‘holocaust’, his works are like a checklist of fallacies, distractions, distortions, suppressions and fabrications, deployed to bamboozle the unskilled reader. Far from “sinking the Battleship Auschwitz”, Irving illustrated a “How To” guide to show how history is attempted to be changed by rogues like him.

    It is not possible to debunk the holocaust, and there’s only one reason for this impossibility – the holocaust happened, and took place pretty much as we now understand it to have happened. In 1945-1955 our understanding was defective in many respects, for example underestimating the numbers attributable to einsatzgruppen, even thinking 2 – 4 million died at Auschwitz-Birkenau There’s a reason the Nazis did their best to cover up, even at a time when men and material were in short supply, and it is the same as the reason we don’t find Hitler’s signature anywhere. Acutely aware of what history’s verdict would be, Irving’s hero didn’t want the truth to be known. But through the normal process of historical revision over time, we got more accurate.

    Irving’s, however, wasn’t revisionism, it was downright lying and distortion, and that’s why he lost the libel suit he brought against my friend DL.