Good riddance to the UK far right’s favourite revisionist

By Searchlight Team

It’s boo-hoo time over at Heritage and Destiny, that vile little neo-Nazi umbrella outfit who have been campaigning more stridently than most on the far right on behalf of French nazi-loving revisionist Vincent Renouard.

Renouard has been banged up in Scotland for over a year facing an extradition request from France so that he can face charges arising from his attempts to whitewash nazi atrocities and war crimes.

Now, having exhausted all his avenues of appeal, he is due to be shipped out to France next week. And H&D, choking back the tears, lament the expulsion of a man they constantly refer to as a mere persecuted “scholar”. They rather give the game away however, by printing a picture of him with the deceased former BNP Deputy Leader Richard Edmunds, as nasty, evil and violent an antisemite as you could wish (or not) to encounter.

You can read more about the extradition cases here: