Anti- Holocaust Memorial campaigner faces extradition

By Searchlight Team

Vincent Reynouard

ONE OF THE key figures in the anti-Semitic campaign against a UK Holocaust Memorial, nazi and Holocaust denier Vincent Reynouard (pictured above),  was arrested last November while hiding out in a coastal resort near St Andrews, in Scotland, and now faces extradition to France. The decision in his extradition case is not expected until shortly after Searchlight goes to press.

Reynouard is wanted in France for posting a series of Holocaust-denial videos while secretly living in Welling, not far from the old BNP headquarters. The videos over which he has been charged include one with the title What to Do About the Jews?, in which Reynouard states: ‘There is a Jewish problem. A problem Hitler was well aware of. But I would like to go further …’

Regarding the Holocaust and war crimes prosecutions, Reynouard adds: ‘Naturally, the Jews exploit the situation to dominate, even to subjugate us.’

Aside from criminal charges, there are serious doubts concerning Reynouard’s immigration status. Even if he wins any appeal against extradition, there is a strong chance that the UK authorities will expel him from the country.

Although he now poses as a scholar, he has a long record of anti-Semitism. He was previously active in French nazi party PNFE, whose leader Claude Cornilleau was one of the Tyndallite BNP’s closest European allies. Cornilleau travelled to London to address BNP rallies, and Tyndall travelled to central France to speak at the PNFE’s headquarters.

In his early twenties, Reynouard was the PNFE’s secretary-general. The party was dissolved in 1999, and in 2002 one of its former activists attempted to assassinate President Jacques Chirac. Reynouard went on to join the Catholic cult SSPX (Society of St Pius X), during the period when its leaders included the Holocaust-denying Bishop Richard Williamson.

In his present case, Reynouard’s main supporters have included the longest established nazi journals in France (Rivarol) and the UK (Heritage & Destiny). Alongside Germar Rudolf – who is also a fugitive from potential extradition – Reynouard is the most active Holocaust denier in the world.

Reynouard and his network see the UK, Spain and Canada as the basis for renewed propaganda efforts to be broadcast and (illegally) circulated in the many European countries where Holocaust denial and other blatant neo nazism are banned.

The original generation of Holocaust deniers are either dead (eg Faurisson, Zundel, Carto), very old (Irving, Haverbeck, Mahler) or inactive and discredited, even among their former supporters (Weber, Leuchter). Reynouard, Rudolf and Jürgen Graf are among the last of the veteran deniers who are still active and able to work with a new generation of self styled ‘intellectual’ nazis.

Searchlight will continue to monitor and combat their poison, whether or not UK courts are prepared to act.

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  1. Dr. Stephanie Courouble-Share

    “Reynouard, Rudolf and Jürgen Graf are among the last of the veteran deniers who are still active and able to work with a new generation of self styled ‘intellectual’ nazis.”
    I will add Carlo Mattogno.
    Thank you for this article, Searchlight.