Breaking: UKIP chief sacked as magistrate

By Searchlight Team

We did ask, back in October, how UKIP Chair Ben Walker could be appointed as a magistrate given the several criminal convictions he enjoyed, the most recent only four years ago for a string of building regulation offences, when he was fined £11,000 by Bristol Magistrates and branded a “rogue builder” by the local press. The answer it appears, is quite simple: he didn’t declare them to the Ministry of Justice when he applied to be a magistrate, despite the application form being quite clear that he should. And, the matter now having been brought to the attention of the MoJ after our raising the question, he has been sacked from the post by the Lord Chancellor and the Lady Chief Justice.

In this case, the wheels of justice have ground both exceedingly small and rather quickly. They can obviously spot a wrong ‘un when they see one. But the question now remaining, and it will undoubtedly be a very live one for the UKIP membership, is this: is their boss a liar or a fool? Or both…?

5 responses on “Breaking: UKIP chief sacked as magistrate

  1. Voice of Wells

    >>But the question now remaining, and it will undoubtedly be a very live one for the UKIP membership, is this: is their boss a liar or a fool? Or both…?

    Easy – both. But the UKIP membership is almost non-existent, 50 activists max, most gaga or tail-enders, or chancers and grifters, so their opinions are irrelevant.

    I think with his delusions of power he’s lost his remaining marbles. Sending such embarrassing and inappropriate texts, mankinis, free boobs, threesomes, to Miss Kiss ‘n Tell, (she wrote what she’s published is only 10% and she’s got far worse ones in reserve), but expecting a different result, what will his common law wife make of such an arse-sniffing dog? Has the Order of the Boot been delivered yet?

    There are many more.he lured in to the top jobs in UKIP, all of them young, all of them pretty, all of them without political experience, all of them female, all into high positions or with promises of the highest positions, them on top you could say, “IF”.
    In 2022
    Ms Stavroula Tomara (G.Secy) replaced by followed by kid-looking Ms Treasure Okwu (G.Secy with a giant pair) and Ms Rebecca Jane (Dep.Ldr)
    In late 2023, after failure to make “progress” with either, Ms Lois Perry (incoming Leader, is an election even needed, the Returning Officer whatsapped Jane making clear he will just block whoever he doesn’t like). Also in mid-2023 Ms Joanna Grzesiak as a psychic co-ordinator of something.
    Possibly more we never got to hear about.

    Better question, once the investigations are replaced by prosecutions, should accommodation be sought in HMP Berwyn? Broadmoor Hospital seems extreme, but one never knows nowadays.

  2. Karma

    Romeo’s Roamings
    Impressive, but didn’t you miss out an earlier ‘beauty’ Romeo targeted, one who’d been actually elected to the NEC? You should look for the name, for she too abruptly disappeared from the stage.
    Clairvoyant Joanna was still there last month.
    Now Rebecca spilled the beans, and looking in to Stavroula’s sudden exit bore fruit, the others, Ms NEC and “Treasure” should be sent Rebecca’s cut and pasting.
    Who is fair young Miss Zayna Iman? Is she now the ukip Party Secretary, the profile image shown could fit!

  3. UnDentEd

    I hope to soon read reports on Walker being investigated, convicted, jailed for committing perjury in his application to become a magistration, both in the written part of it and the interview. The crook’s lame excuses are an insult to the listener.
    Will there be an investigation into the diversion of donations and inheritances into his trust which rules over Ukip, followed up by prosecution and confiscation?
    Or are tory freemason criminals still above the law?

  4. UKIP Supporting its permanent Great Chairman and new Dear Leader

    UKIP Supporting its permanent Great Chairman and new Dear Leader

    Stop drooling in anticipation.
    Nothing at all is going to happen to UKIP’s resauceful Afgan War Hero, the Cam Parish Councillor and Head of its Finance Committee.
    His snooksite explains, the Great Chairman is an in-Vogue Builder, not a Rogue Builder.
    The Electoral Commission doesn’t give a toss that almost Ten Million in legacies never got declared.
    Its investigating officer wrote,
    “It appears that none of these funds were paid to the party or its associated corporate entity, but were instead paid to the owner, a non-political organisation which has no reporting obligation.
    If this was an illegal diversion and embezzlement as you claim, then this is entirely an internal matter for the party’s or company’s officers to deal with in the civil courts, reporting any suspected crimes to appropriate authorities, e.g. Police.”
    The crooked lawyers thought of everything.

    You are also out-of-date about the status of the Dear Leadership.
    The Returning Officer, the same Great Chairman, will keep his word to the former Deputy Dear Leader even though she sexually smeared him, and ballots for Anne Marie Waters will be suitably dealt with when he counts them. No need for her to be failed at the vetting stage which could stir up division with jumped-up cocks in their dads’ suits, like Thompson.
    Frontrunner Lois Perry having been tricked into parting with £1500 if not parting something else too will unfortunately lose, narrowly, to insider Bungalow Bill Etheridge ex MEP, the guaranteed new Dear Leader who will be fourth time lucky.
    Having partnered Great Chairman in earlier dodgy enterprises, how they split the loot, and share the young talent, will remain between them. Sandwiched, even.

    – UKIP Supporting its permanent Great Chairman and new Dear Leader