UKIP tearing itself apart – Deputy Leader’s furious resignation tirade

By Searchlight Team

UKIP Deputy Leader Rebecca Jane has resigned, hurling a barrage of highly damaging accusations at Chairman Ben ‘Rogue Builder’ Walker. Meanwhile, the party’s likely new leader is threatening to take it in a hardline climate denial direction.

The resignation of Leader Neil ‘Liar and Cheat’ Hamilton has set off an incendiary chain of events which threaten to tear the dwindling party apart. Rebecca Jane, touted as a possible successor to Hamilton, has instead quit, both as Deputy Leader and from the party, stating on Twitter that the only reason she was appointed Deputy Leader by Walker in the first place was because he wanted to get her into bed.

Her full statement posted on X (formerly twitter) reads:

“Sadly, I was planted as the Deputy Leader of UKIP, because the chairman wanted to get me into bed. (Send sympathy to his fiancée) It came to light when I started, safe to say, he absolutely didn’t get anywhere! Lois Perry has been announced as a candidate for leader. (I turned it down) I like Lois, but she is being planted by the chairman for the same reasons.

“He previously referred to her as a ‘stupid b**ch, wa**ing off Tice & Farage’. (despite sitting on GB News tonight attacking Reform) Lois sat on (GBNews’ Mark Dolan Show) and said ‘we (UKIP) are the original party, Coca Cola not Pepsi’ – the same Lois who refused to become a member of UKIP in October because of the damage it would do to her business. Now she talks about ‘UKIP under my leadership’.

“UKIP is dead. They’ve have had NO applications to be leader, so they need a distraction. The leadership campaign is a farce and Lois is being parachuted in, because of the chairman’s personal desires. It’s not a democracy, it’s one man telling people what to do. The infighting is beyond real. Every person on the NEC was verbally abused & called ‘useless imbeciles’.

“Ben protects his position because he is paid & no one else is. His assistant for his personal business is also paid by UKIP. A few of the many reasons I stood down – the structure is rotten to the core, and simply hasn’t learnt from the mistakes of the past. Women need to be appreciated for talent. Not their physical appearance. All credibility is out of the window.”

Searchlight has no way of confirming many of these allegations and we are not endorsing them as true. We merely report them in the context of the bitter exchanges now taking place in what was once one of the country’s most significant political parties.

Ann Marie Waters

It was also believed that Ann Marie Waters would stand for the vacant leadership but so far there is no sign of her. She may have been put off by reports that Walker has been saying he would block her even if she were elected by the membership.

Instead, the only candidate at the moment is Lois Perry, an unimpressive anti-net zero and pro-car campaigner who claims to be a good friend of Boris Johnson (“I had a moment with him a few years ago…nothing happened like that… It nearly did…)

Lois Perry with Boris Johnson

Interviewed on GB News she agreed that climate change is occurring but that was all she would concede: she denied that it was the result of human activity or that it was having any serious impacts. In fact, she claimed that on balance it was a good thing. Under her leadership, should this come about, we can expect to see UKIP disappearing even further and more rapidly down the conspiracy-obsessed rabbit hole into which it has been tumbling in recent months.  In that event, many more members are likely to call it a day and head off to Richard Tice’s Reform UK party.

Walker’s view on UKIP leadership front runner Lois Perry

The question will still remain, though, about the bequests heading its way and where they may finally end up, given Ben Walker’s total control of the party, its related companies and the mysterious one-man trust which now appears to own the whole lot.

9 responses on “UKIP tearing itself apart – Deputy Leader’s furious resignation tirade

  1. royalblue1982

    The existence, though not the contents, deed or any details about it, of “the mysterious one-man trust which now appears to own the whole lot” of UKIP was publicly declared on 10 May 2021. The one man controlling and owning everything ceased to be a director of UKIP Limited in February 2023.

    Recent correspondence with the Election Commission office, 3 Bunhill Row, London, EC1Y 8YZ reveals that someone who died in 2020 had left £79,000 to UKIP, and its receipt was reported to the Commission in the first half of 2021. Then a gift from a living member of less than £3,000 was reported in September 2021.

    But since then, nothing at all has been reported by UKIP to the Commission.

    So it has been nil such receipts for the rest of 2021, nil for all four quarters of 2022, and nil for all four quarters of 2023.

    In spite of all the pandemic deaths of the elderly, a geriatric residual membership and ex-membership, and the resilient membership success of the party, at least according to its management, it seems UKIP must be extraordinarily unlucky for there to have been not even a solitary bean in legacies, year after year after year.

    Even though the party is thoroughly discredited except to the most brainwashed of its supporters, surely some infirm or forgetful deceased former members would have overlooked writing it out of their Wills.

    Most unfortunate, unless of course ………………………….. No, that can’t be, for failure to report would be far from the only criminal offence any alternative explanation would involve.

    Should the nominal Treasuer should be approached, during any lucid moments, for clarification, before referring the matter to the Judicial Conduct Investigation Office?

  2. longterm member

    As a longterm member I attended the 2022 party conference in Skegness at the Vine Hotel where this Party-Chairman introduced a young minority girl, clue-less about British politics. She was shy, looked like she’d only recently finished high school, soft US accent. I saw him behaving inappropriately with her in an adjacent public room.
    Next thing, I saw he appointed her to be the Secretary of the party, a very senior post!!!!
    Didn’t last long, I wonder if she has a tale to tell.
    “Bringing the party into dis-repute” used to be how we dealt with people like him.
    It was the job of the Party-Chairman to investigate and expel them.
    May be he will investigate and expel himself.

  3. TwoSoulRickRoll

    The “Party-Chairman” is about as likely to expel himself while there’s even the faintest prospect of legacies to come his way, as it is for the Party he control to shake off its reputation for sleaze and corruption and being filled with fascists, drugs-convicts, scammers, nonces……..

  4. Ukipwatch

    Shots fired, the lady has a big gob but she didnt deserve this aggro from that pervy sex pest who has previous form. I wonder if this brought on the acute pains she is reporting now, which saw her twice bluelighted to hospital as the papers report. Hope she gets better quickly, wguke her tweets @ladydetectives1 now are only visible to approved followers she promised to dish a lot more dirt on the sleazeball.

  5. TwoSoulRickRoll

    Head-Line “ZAYNA IMAN – stripped and left topless in a police cell in February 2021, I was drugged and raped by policemen”

    So you went to the UKIP Chairman??


  6. Ukipwatch

    Rebecca Jane seems to have hidden all her tweets, I wonder why? Including the tweet that she did not renew her party membership in October, and that she had been warned by Walker not to speak to certain people.

    Or did twitter censor her? Why?

    I read in facebuch Rebecca being criticised for not warning attractive Miss Zayna Iman, speaker at the Newport 2023 nonconference, about the nature of the Party Chairman Walker. The press had reported “Zayna Iman alleges she was stripped and left topless in a police cell in February 2021 “I was drugged and raped by policemen””

    The longterm member commenting about Magistrate Walker with the young girl at the 2022 unconference —– her name is Lexi Okwu, who calls herself Treasure. Walker did not make her Secretary, only General Secretary, more of a note-taker? No sign of her any more, the dime must’ve dropped.

  7. Michael

    Between the two elections today, Reform got 6497 votes. The United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP, merely 129!
    For years this fraud has been nothing but a feeder fund for convicted crook rogue builder Ben Walker, who controls the Trust that itself controls UKIP LIMITED which controls the party.
    Follow the money.
    His puppet National Executive Committee and Company Directors are complicit.
    UKIP is also his travelling BORDELLO apparently with young female in mankinis in his sights.
    “Rotten to the core,” said his alleged victim the Deputy Leader who walkered away.
    Where are the POLICE?

  8. Julian

    Ben Walker, is the unelected shadowy “permanent chairman” who allegedly appoints young unqualified women to senior positions because he wants to screw them, all the while he allegedly royally screws UKIP every which way but loose through his equally shadowy siphonage “Trust” and here-today-gone-tomorrow companies.

    When UKIP Deputy Rebecca Jane allegedly rejected his perverted sexual demands thereby losing out to be Leader, Walker got his new target Lois “clueless” Perry — the same one he called a “stupid b**ch, wa**ing off Tice & Farage” — front-runner.

    But being “elected” as UKIP Leader is worse than becoming CEO of Blockbuster Video, Betamax Corporation or the Asbestos Marketing Board.

    Were GB News real broadcasters, instead of softballing Perry she should have been asked, a la Mrs Merton,
    “So, what first attracted you to the multimillionaire, Ben Walker?”