UKIP and Laurence Fox in London mayor ‘liar’ spat

By Searchlight Team

Putting aside all his legal difficulties – a libel case and arrest on suspicion of conspiring to commit criminal damage – Reclaim Party boss Laurence Fox is contemplating a run for Mayor of London. But a January tweet to that effect, including the claim that “It is always my wish to collaborate with the other small parties, but they have refused” has gone down rather badly with, well, other “small parties”.

In particular, UKIP Deputy Leader Rebecca ‘Barbie’ Jane is still smarting from trying to cut a deal with him during the Uxbridge by election. She’d schmoozed him rotten and thought he’d agreed not to run against her when, at the last minute, he announced his candidacy. She ended up with 61 votes to his 714 and the fiasco seriously damaged her standing in UKIP.

Now she’s had it with him: “Sure… run for Mayor” she spits back, ” But please stop lying about ‘wanting to collaborate with smaller parties.’ The country doesn’t need more liars”. Given that UKIP assigned her the job of exploring closer ties with other “small parties”, things are not looking too rosy on the unity front.

Small wonder then, that Richard Tice’s Reform UK, the larger of the far right “small parties” which has already announced that it is running a candidate for London mayor, will have nothing to do with either of them.

4 responses on “UKIP and Laurence Fox in London mayor ‘liar’ spat

  1. John Vow

    But, UKIP’s Junta has stubbornly kept on maintaining and publishing it is a massive gigantic humungous party with countless thousands of members, even telling that to its governing executive and board of directors, both of which the Permanent Chairman had on May 10th, 2021 rendered impotent and pointess.

    While I don’t observe that booming support happening at all in my neck of the woods, everyone having left except me, they called out Nation Cymru as being liars for stating that true membership is in the hundreds.

    But here, UKIP’s Honourable Leader-in-Waiting is declaring that UKIP is a tiny party.

    Isn’t she implying that its Dear Great Leader and Erstwhile National Chairman JP were being economical with the actualité?

    Could that even be possible, with two people of such spotless reputations for integrity and truthfulness?

    I think Barbie’s share of the legacies may need an uplift, or there could be trouble at mill on the 14th.

  2. Moss Tin

    Minutes ago, I was tipped off that the lifelong chairman of Ukip is about to appear on GB Noise, with a BIG earth-shittering Announcement.
    It cannot have much to do with Ukip, Ukip is an irrelevance, except to the person skimming the money.
    Could it be, he is about to be sent down, amazing he has not been done already, so needs to move on?
    This would be, in the longer term, Most Wonderful News for all his many sprogs.
    The Best Possible Gift for them would be to be able to grow up honourable, freed from a corrupting criminal paternal influence.

  3. Jeff

    Poor little Rebecca, I genuinely feel for her.

    Duped by conmen.

    I hope she will now contact those who have collected steadily evidence about the lying criminal or criminals running fewkip.

    Their imprisonment for fraud and theft and confiscation of all assets as proceeds, the only acceptable outcome.