For Patriotic Alternative, inciting violence and terror is only ‘speech crime’

By Searchlight Team



James Allchurch                                                       Laura Towler

Spare a thought, if you will, for the plight of the UK’s neo-nazi ‘political prisoners’ whose cause was taken up at the weekend by Patriotic Alternative’s Laura Towler.

On PA’s podcast she reads out a letter from James Allchurch, aka Sven Longshanks, with advice for political prisoners and their friends “on how to get the most out of prison and ways we can support those who are in prison for speech crimes…

“Hopefully it is useful for anybody who wants to support Sven Longshanks or James Costello, or anybody who may find themselves in their situation in the future…”

Well, let’s just hold it there: Allchurch (he takes his alias from Edward Longshanks or King Edward I of England who expelled the Jews in 1290) was banged up for two and a half years for 10 offences of stirring up racial hatred, including a podcast which discussed hanging black people.

James Costello (right) with Mark Collett

Costello, the darling of the last PA conference, got 5 years for 15 offences which, in the words of the CPS, “aimed to recruit people to join the violent destruction and subjugation of people of colour, black people and Jewish people”.

Somehow “speech crimes” doesn’t quite capture it…


3 responses on “For Patriotic Alternative, inciting violence and terror is only ‘speech crime’

  1. Just A Pleb

    Have they signed up to the UNITED KINGDOM INDEPENDENCE PARTY as yet, do you know?

    Their record of criminal convictions is as impressive as those of so many recently at the top of UKIP, which is soliciting a new leader. I never had a problem with him but he’s doubtess had enough of his controller.

    Last April, UKIP had invited ‘like-minded people’ to join up, irrespective of any Far Right or Extreme Far Right affiliations.

    Until then, these had permanently excluded them from membership.

    UKIP’s leader being in prison could be appropriate. But what if the holder of the other top position or positions was detained in a different prison?

  2. PA Cymru

    Don’t think that last reply was fair.

    Our people were *N*O*T* done for dirty drugs or fraud or dangerous rogue-building.

    That is more the UKIP way,
    Convicted Pembroke old lag ex Councillor Paul Dowson (convictions for drugs etc etc etc)
    Convicted Bristolian rogue builder ex Councillor ex Parish Councillor Ben Walker JP (five convictions)
    Convicted Voiceless Wales Dan Morgan-Vow (fraud against the most vulnerable, out on a suspended)
    Convicted Llanelli Cocaine dealer Jordan Parry (Stamps, now released from prison)

    Longshanks Allchurch and Crusader Costello would not touch U.K.I.P. with an Umbrella, let alone help launder its legacies.

    We have standards.
    We are respectable.

    We decline their invitation.

  3. Just A Pleb

    “Not fair”? Try and keep up, Welsh PA.

    Chairperson Walker, who a year or two ago once again become a parish councillor and so is no longer an ‘Ex-‘, yesteday announced, on a comedy chat show of all places, YET ANOTHER LEADERSHIP VACANCY in his UNITED KINGDOM INDEPENDENCE PARTY and took pains to explain the competition was open to absolutely everyone, a bit like X-Factor, provided they gave U.K.I.P. (him) £1500.

    Big Brother Reject, its artificial Deputy Leader Rebecca Jane, who loved talking in public about ‘Golden Showers’, using Fire Extinguishers on protestors, believing in Angel Numbers, has flounced off….too much sleaze for her? Or not enough, if some one whispered in her lughole about brown envelope bequests not finding their way to her vast mansion in Clitheroe?

    Her 2010 Specsavers ad in the Daily Male, where the plump frump, then running a self-admitted Honeytrap Oppo scam, insisted she’s a dead-ringer for Marilyn Monroe. She was still being laughed about in November,

    The comedy hosts urging Walker to draw the curtains on the farce. while pretending not to understand that Walker will keep U.K.I.P. going until the legacy well runs dry, was too funny.

    From prison, Costello and Longshanks need to work out who takes over as Leader and who Deputy – their qualifications are a great match, and they’ll feel at home. If only they had some drug convictions too, the fit with the U.K.I.P. rump would be perfect.