UKIP loses Deputy Leader as Rebecca Jane resigns

By Searchlight Team


Just as Searchlight was revealing that UKIP Deputy Leader Rebecca ‘Barbie’ Jane was drafting a sick note, having learned she’d be trounced in the forthcoming leadership election by vile Islamophobe Ann Marie Waters she ups and resigns Deputy Leader. That means the party has now lost its Leader (Neil ‘Liar and Cheat’ Hamilton) and his stand in, in quick succession. She pleads extenuating personal  troubles – the problem being that only yesterday she  was teasing her online followers as to whether she would seek to replace Hamilton or not.

24 hours is a long time in politics, it seems, when humiliation beckons. For more details and further developments, including about the mysterious trust (sole trustee, UKIP Chair Ben Walker) that now appears to own and control the party.  Please do watch this space and do follow us on Twitter / X here 

8 responses on “UKIP loses Deputy Leader as Rebecca Jane resigns

  1. Squire Tun-Toff

    Attractive woman, delicate feelings, much too sensitive for politics. I hope she gets to read this, for while the poor dear cannot help being a bit thick, being insecure and susceptible to flattery can’t have helped.

    She must have been the ideal Useful-Idiot for the mobster and his crooked ambulance-chasers who holds not merely some, but every single one of the offices of power, rides roughshod over the gormless honorific holders, and ignores every principle of honest sound corporate governance.

    All the while enriching himself and professing that the party has no funds. I assure you journalists that while you happened upon one of the grifter’s ways of filching, there are many more. Like his elderly colleague he has high-up protection.

    Yes, the party has fallen into the hands of thieves, and a fictitious “umbrella organisation” is what they use to distract fools. From my own direct observations, now a year old, of how the see-nothing, do-nothing, no-nothing whelks on the talking-shop NEC were easily kept in the dark about everything that mattered, I doubt Rebecca has even the slightest suspicion of what UKIP is really about. But she may eventually work it out, when it could become dangerous for her family.

    On Saturday’s Talk T.V., the illustrious esteemed honourable learned Party National Chairman Control-Freak, under pressure from James Whale and Ash Gould, literally stuttered “Of course, I make no bones about the fact that it’s all about money”. Even a stopped clock tells the time truthfully twice a day.

    Likely he was meaning to convey something different, but truth has an inconvenient habit of sooner or later spilling out.

    To protect myself against a vindictive ruthless *drum roll* convicted crook I may have covertly recorded NEC Board meetings. Extra-redacted minutes might as well be fiction for the resemblance they bear to what happened.

    I hope Sweet Lady Jane has kept similar protection because if she ignores the warnings or threats she must have been issued, and they think she is going to spill the beans about what she will begin to suspect, say to the Fraud Squad or the Electoral Commission or the Press, they are capable of almost anything to silence her.

    Will we ever get to know how many hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds have been vapourised? If it ever came to light, will the nominal Treasuer use his ischemic attack and senile dementia to escape responsibility and legal liability? I doubt he personally got much more than an occasional bottle of wine, in appreciation of his being blind to the thieving going on under his nose. This Useful-Idiot’s blindness is the worst type, for it has nothing to do with eyes.

    When the penny drops for you, there are many of us who could help you. Be careful Rebecca, put the safety of your children and parents first.

  2. Y Cymro

    No. Instead, a vile party, with thieves at the top and moronic burtons at the bottom. Ffa Coffi Pawb.
    That’s UKIP’s bestest candidate.

    Do you too hate “tinted” people?

    I hope Miss Jane gets to read this, and takes seriously the vindictiveness and revengefulness of the serfs, yokels and bumpkins she so wisely if belatedly left behind. She shouldn’t have got involved in the first place but fell for the lies and flattery of conmen using her.

  3. One-Eyed Jacks (

    steven burton Tuesday 23 January 2024 at 13:16:21 +0000
    :: vile post.

    ip address – East Sussex, Hove or a possible Brighton
    search engine best match between ukip and there –


    Bing –
    “Catherine Tate’s Nan in a nightie…….Ukip’s new interim leader Patricia Mountain bungles her way through ‘car crash’ interview as party launches manifesto……Embarrassing doesn’t even begin to describe it….”

    Watching the ‘car crash’ video, that 2022 election photo in the local paper×300.jpg and could be of twenty, thirty years vintage. Despite the glam, she came 5th out of 5 with 1%, why did these clowns even bother?

    Anyone knows of any other possibles from near Hove? Does UKIP have more than one member in East Sussex? Not likely, according to and

    Still, I doubt that this ‘steve’ is her. That video was from 2019. Now in 2024, the poor dearie is more likely lying in the knackers yard, than lying online!

  4. Nailed.

    REBECCA JANE, now you finally worked out they will never ever have you in Reform, you can bluster and squall and plead all you want, no one’s listening to your childish stupid nonsense, it could be the time to get a real job somewhere, first time in your life, something suited to your talents, like stacking shelves in the Arndale where the floor manager at Oseyo who likes cheap tarts with fake boobs grotesquely fat fingers and smudged body tats, will have you up the ladder in no time.
    If someone takes you to one side, REBECCA JANE, gets out the crayons and then going real slow expurlanes to you that the BEN, you know the flatterer, the convicted criminal, whose arse you licked for years, is nothing but a common thief, who embezzled a million in inheritances from ukip by tricking those even thicker than you into signing away the party lock stock and barrel to his personal umbrella trust, intercepting all the money so the party never saw a penny, all the while you kept grifting to keep ukip in the public eye so the money kept rolling in. There’s no one or other party under that umbrella, only the scammer. All this Unite The Right was a sham, he knew it would go nowhere but give ukip some cred.
    How much of that million did he share with you, REBECCA JANE? None? You don’t say. We are shocked someone as mint as you got suckered. You didn’t understand why he would never let anyone except idiots like you get on his puppet NEC? Didn’t you know how many he blocked, because they he feared they might see through his scam, set up with a few other crooks?
    If in the final reel you finally get it, REBECCA JANE, will you march south with that fire extinguisher which you threatened peaceful protesters with? Or are you just a lying cowardly hypocritical blowhard airhead, like the papers say, and like Anne thinks? We hope you are better than that. The eyes of Britain are on you, REBECCA JANE. Make your daughters proud of mum. Ignore the threats, blow the whistle.

  5. steven burton's nan

    @ steve burton —- are you blind or mad? Why would anyone want to be in a failed party run by notorious scamsters, rogues and grifters? One of them, not even a director, busy enriching himself, the money never ever gets to the party.
    Didn’t you know? Is your pooter’s Google-Button broken, like those of the nec’s dummfuxxes?

    Miss Jane is the latest victim, but, as they knew, sooner or later it would dawn on her it is all smoke and mirrors, and leave. Though it may take her years to grasp how thoroughly she was tricked, how cruelly she was used and laughed at behind her back, and not even get any share of the loot.



    Just noticed, cowardly hit-and-run puke steven burton has fled the field, no balls to vainly defend his “party for retards”.


  6. Againe
    Well done, Rebecca.
    It appears I am not the only one who knew about the many victims whom Justice of the Peace, Cam Parish Councillor Ben Walker molested, one barely out of school.
    Plenty of form already, and now two more to add.
    If you believe the money-grabbing rogue and thief, UKIP-Sole-Controller Walker must be the very worst of that bunch, you need to do some research.
    You could be on the start of an unsavoury voyage of progressive revelation, and soon you may ask why aren’t these ex (?) Tories in prison.

  7. marc

    Dont know where else to ask but are there any drug peddlers left in South Wales who arent part of ukip?