Patriotic Alternative nazis and holocaust deniers defile Remembrance Day ceremonies

By Searchlight Team

Railing against Tommy Robinson’s call out to the football firm troops at the weekend as a ‘Zionist trap’, Patriotic Alternative, the neo fascist group run by Mark Collett, Sam Melia and Laura Towler, gleefully posted pictures of their activists besmirching the memories of the millions who died fighting fascism.

PA is claiming 20 activities nationally, but online reports of their events show no more than a handful of supporters at most at any gathering, gutlessly attempting to blend in with armed forces veterans, and local dignitaries, in some cases wearing old, ill-fitting suits as camouflage.

Standing at war memorials dedicated to those who gave their lives defeating fascism, whilst espousing a violent, super extreme form of modern-day ethno-hatred, is the lowest form of hypocrisy. It is also a deliberate provocation.

PA activists know that soldiers from the Empire, Indians, Africans, Asians, Chinese, and Jews, fought for Britain against Hitler, Mussolini and Japanese fascism. Not even racists can whitewash and falsify our collective histories. With PA split right down the middle, and UK fascists desperately trying to organise, there is a serious, yet unsuccessful, effort to make PA seem relevant and active. In reality, its hardcore is under 200 in number, its ideology universally reviled, and it is reduced to tagging on to Remembrance Day events organised by people it holds in contempt.

Nevertheless, anti-fascists must always be on the lookout, ready for action. With leading politicians whipping up anti-migrant hatred, ably supported by sections of the gutter press, the likes of PA will always attempt to capitalise on division and hatred in the public sphere.

2 responses on “Patriotic Alternative nazis and holocaust deniers defile Remembrance Day ceremonies

  1. Dan

    Not only is Nazism GENOCIDAL, it is also a TERRORIST Ideology too. Nazism is Terrorism. The Far Right is completely shot through with Intimidators and thugs, whose Ideology supports Race-Hate straight out of Hitler’s Nazism, who they worship. Nazis at The Cenotaph… HOW DARE THEY! A calculated sneer by The Nazi Party, when Almost 1/2 Million Allied were killed by Hitler. Nazis with this Ideology killed at least 50 Million souls 1939-45, including the murder of 2 Million Polish people, 27 Million Ethnic Slavs in Russia, and the 6 Million Jewish People of The Holocaust. So, Say it loud: NAZISM IS TERRORISM and NAZISM IS A TERRORIST IDEOLOGY.

  2. Bad Dope

    This ditty performed in cabaret, and sung to the tune of Bizet’s Habanero in Carmen –

    “If it’s raining, if it’s sunny
    If you’re freezing or dripping sweat
    If you’re lazy, if you’re stupid
    If your tax scams make you fret
    If your sister, goes join ukip
    If you can’t make your GF wet
    If all laugh behind your back
    And your path to jail is set –
    Go blame the Jews
    The Jews are guilty.
    So blame the Jews if we have flaws
    It’s not our fault
    because the Jew’s the cause
    For all our flaws
    Oh, it’s a shame but true
    Whatever’s wrong, the Jew’s to blame
    So blame the Jews. Go blame the Jews
    The Jews are guilty and it’s not new news
    You don’t need brains to read the clues
    The guilty Party always is the Jews
    So blame the Jews, if we have flaws
    It’s not our fault
    Because the Jew’s the cause
    For all our flaws
    Oh, it’s a shame, but true
    Whatever’s wrong – the Jew’s to blame!”

    The refrain stays the same, in 1930s Germany and today, hatred spewed by inadequate and envious bigots, some better at concealing it than others.

    Make no mistake, PA and ukip are flips of the same coin, both on the make. The Jew’s not to blame.