Curiouser and curiouser: strange moves afoot in the surreal world of UKIP

By Searchlight Team


Strange things are afoot in UKIP territory. In September, UKIP and Robin Tilbrook’s English Democrats filed an application with the Electoral Commission to register a merged organisation to be called the Patriots Alliance. This immediately provoked outrage among veteran former members of UKIP, who issued a statement denouncing the move.

The statement read: ‘Mr. Tilbrook and the English Democrats have always demanded that England become autonomous and independent of the other components of the United Kingdom. From past statements, they appear to be committed to either England leaving the union or it being broken up, since nothing else would allow their aims to be achieved. They have been consistent in this.

‘In stark contrast, the United Kingdom Independence Party is constitutionally committed to retaining the integrity of the United Kingdom. Its aims are thus fundamentally at odds with those of the English Democrats.

‘We view with distaste and horror…an alliance between these two parties. It is a betrayal of past and present members of the United Kingdom Independence Party committed by an illegitimate party leadership.

‘Those responsible should be condemned and expelled from office for their unprincipled breaches of the party’s constitution …’

In their true colours, UKIP follows Enoch Powell’s racist path


In fact, a clue to the scheme was planted back in June when UKIP chairman Ben Walker registered Patriots Alliance Ltd with Companies House. Quite what he is up to is not entirely clear.

Resignations at a senior level continue, with the departure of Jordan Gaskell from the NEC and as a member. In a scathing resignation letter, he wrote: ‘Sadly, the UKIP name has lost almost all credibility and relevance with the general public … We have lost all local seats with the exemption (sic) of parish councils and although we may not have aimed to win the recent by elections we certainly shouldn’t be scoring so low and I was very disappointed to see our deputy leader’s post saying “I encouraged people not to vote for me so as not to split the vote” which completely eradicated the point of us standing.’

The last remark was a swipe at the absurd Rebecca Jane, the UKIP candidate in Uxbridge, now being referred to by members as ‘Barbie Jane’. It is now dawning on them that whatever Walker’s reasons for appointing her to the deputy role, political acumen was not among them, and she has become a major liability.

Damage control

Home affairs spokesperson Steve Unwin recently had to move swiftly to control the damage that might have resulted from him posting a banner photo on his Twitter/X feed, showing various party leaders in the convivial company of a notorious Bournemouth brothel keeper. The picture was snatched down in great haste when the connection was pointed out.

And UKIP’s pretensions, much trumpeted by its leader and barrister Neil Hamilton, to be a party of law and order is being seriously undermined by its recent and growing support for criminal damage being inflicted on ULEZ cameras around London. In the increasingly warped UKIP conspiracy world ULEZ is, of course, merely the starting gun for a wide-ranging conspiracy to imprison people and motorists in their own neighbourhoods.

UKIP meets in conference on October, after we go to press for this issue, but you can read our report online, on the Searchlight website here

One response on “Curiouser and curiouser: strange moves afoot in the surreal world of UKIP

  1. Againe

    ”Quite what he is up to is not entirely clear.” ?

    But it is entirely clear to anybody who observes UKIP.

    Most parties exist to achieve political ends. Personal enrichment may be part of it but isn’t their entire raison d’être.

    But UKIP of recent times exists for one reason, and for one reason alone.

    This is to enrich one man, a bullying, grifting, psychopathic liar, a “rogue builder” with five Criminal Convictions and at least two County Court Judgments never paid, a perjurer, offering a bribe as inducement to gain political influence, widely despised for corruption and fraud while a Conservative Councillor in Bradley Stoke, where the mention of his name still evokes rage, till he jumped ship with false claims of being bullied.

    He controls every aspect of the party’s operations and is the de facto holder of every position, including of Führer. Two and a half years ago he got his reichstag to rubber-stamp a document that makes UKIP’s directors impotent and renders both the board and the national executive committee redundant, though they still exist to fool donors.

    All of UKIP is controlled by a “Trust” and he personally is the sole controller of that Trust. So you can guess where all the donations and bequests from the senile or ill-informed end up. UKIP does whatever is needed to give the outsider the impression it has political aims, and so is a legitimate recipient of legacies.

    It is little surprise that, with lingering suspicions of forgery and the framing of political opponents, this character also confected a counterfeit record as a heroic officer in the Royal Navy seeing active service in the “Afgan” war and the Falklands, while in truth he was a desk-wallah from the beginning of his illustrious naval career, starting as a stores clerk, equivalent to a private, and ending six years later as a “leading” stores clerk, equivalent to lance-corporal.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg.

    What is “curiouser and curiouser” is that he has not as yet been jailed.

    But then, nor has his mentor, the most notorious liar and cheat in 20th century UK politics, driven out for financial scandal, misconduct and sleaze as a Conservative Member of Parliament in 1997 in one of the most dramatic electoral reversals suffered by the Tories. But he was never expelled from that Party.

    It must help to have the Conservative Party covering their backs in return for maintaining a phoney opposition party.

    The others “running” UKIP are clueless dupes or dementia patients, with a few paid sycophants and trainee crooks thrown into the mudpie.