URGENT: Please sign Petition to stop Priti Patel’s New Immigration Plans

By Searchlight Team

The UK government wants to turn away as many refugees as possible.
Priti Patel’s ‘New Plan for Immigration’ will:⠀

❌ Put people at risk of being sent back to torture and persecution⠀⠀
❌ Make it more difficult for torture survivors to build a new life in the UK⠀
❌ Prevent families from being reunited⠀

We must say no to these plans. We must say no to racism and cruelty.

Please consider signing and circulating this petition by Freedom from Torture here

One response on “URGENT: Please sign Petition to stop Priti Patel’s New Immigration Plans

  1. Christine H

    We have a duty of care for all refugees and asylum seekers. Refugees and asylum seekers in the UK have proven themselves to be positive, productive and caring members of the communities that support them in the UK. We need them here and we should be doing more to help them settle into society quickly so that they can make a positive contribution earlier. The Conservative Party’s well-documeted fear and hate campaigns over 100’s of years against different minority groups from the Irish, Jews, Bengali, Black, Indians, Pakistanis, Muslims and now all refugees and asylum seekers must end. You policies of discrimination pander to the extreme right who make up less than 2% of the population. Stop fuelling hate.