Three weekends and two flops for London Forum

By Gerry Gable

A fascist thief is to receive an award for his crime at the London Forum meeting on Saturday 24 September. David Czerwonko, a Polish chef who has lived in England for two years, was fined £185 at Westminster magistrates’ court on 19 September after admitting snatching a pink beret from the head of the comedian Eddie Izzard.

The incident occurred when a group of four masked men stood in front of a pro-EU march in Whitehall on 3 September, holding a large banner supporting the Brexit campaign. Izzard, who was at the head of the march, was forced to give chase after Czerwonko, 26, dressed in black with a bandana covering half his face, grabbed the hat. As officers pinned Czerwonko to the floor, Izzard retrieved the hat and replaced it on his head.

The court was told that Czerwonko admitted his action was “instinctive and silly” and would not be repeating it. However the London Forum think different. According to their own announcement, their meeting next Saturday will include: “The Award of The Pink Beret”.

David Czerwonko on his way to court, accompanied by Jeremy Bedford-Turner (right)
David Czerwonko on his way to court, accompanied by Jeremy Bedford-Turner (right)

The pro-Brexit protest had been organised by Jeremy Bedford-Turner. However his diminishing London Forum fan club could only muster 15 Nazis to oppose the massive pro-EU rally. Then in announcing his next international gathering on Saturday in London, he made a promise he cannot fulfil.

The announcement describes the London Forum as “The home of the British alt-right” and the meeting, at 12 noon, for which tickets are “£20 (concessions available)”, specifies “Smart dress only”.

The pink beret award is stated to be: “A new annual award for a single feat of high-profile, daring, derring-do activism that achieves large-scale publicity. This will be a cash prize, a trophy engraved with the winner’s name and Eddie Izzard’s beret!

“This will be awarded of course this year to David Czerwonko who has set us all such a fine example by, in true PG Wodehouse style, stealing Izzard’s beret as the comedian was leading ‘an ignore Brexit’ march on Saturday 3rd September.”

As Czerwonko failed to hold onto the beret, the third part of the prize is a lie. But we wonder how much cash London Forum organiser Jeremy Bedford-Turner is prepared to put up to reward criminality.

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  1. Mike

    Note the “Anti-Antifa” waist bag / belt pouch (whatever you call it) – a significant clue in terms of ideological motivation