The Lessons of Greece: Sunday 21st November 2021@4pm

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A Workers’ International Network meeting

Sunday 21st November at 4 pm GMT

In the years 2010-2015, Greece was gripped in a popular revolt against the harsh programme of austerity imposed upon it by the so-called “troika” (the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund). During these years there were mass protest rallies, assemblies, occupations of city squares, a prolonged siege of parliament, and dozens of general strikes. In January 2015 a previously obscure coalition of small anti-capitalist parties (SYRIZA) was swept to power. When it called a referendum to determine its response in July 2015, the population voted overwhelmingly to defy the bankers. And then… SYRIZA promptly capitulated and signed a crippling deal that plunged Greece even deeper into debt, poverty and humiliation.

What lessons can be learned by labour militants worldwide from this experience? And what are the prospects for a new upsurge in Greece?

Anthony Koliokotsis is a Greek Marxist, formerly a member of PASOK and currently a critical member of SYRIZA. He gives a personal perspective on these issues.

For background information, read Defiance: Greece and Europe 

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