Patriotic Alternative leader’s latest chat show guest is a real charmer…

By Searchlight Team

We know that Patriotic Alternative leader Mark Collett is not too fussy about the company he keeps – but this one really wins prizes.

Last week he treated viewers to his Patriotic Weekly Review online talk show – not for the first time – to an interview with a gentleman who goes by the name of Raging Dissident. Raging Dissident is, in fact, Canadian extreme right winger, military veteran and gun nut Jeremy MacKenzie, leader of far-right group Diagolon, who’s had numerous brushes with the law on firearms related matters and for harassment of public health officials

But he is also the chap who, in an online podcast with fellow Diagolon member Alex Vriend in 2022, discussed raping Anaida Galindo, the wife of Canadian Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre.

“Let’s rape her” Mackenzie said, “It’s not really a sex thing. It’s like we just want to show people that we can do things to you if we want to. It’s a power move”.

A real charmer…

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