Perry resignation leads to new allegations against UKIP chairman

By Searchlight Team

Happier days….

UKIP’s former Deputy Leader, Rebecca Jane, who resigned in January with a furious attack on party Chairman Ben Walker, has returned to the fray with another barrage of allegations following the sudden resignation of recently elected UKIP leader Lois Perry.

In comments on right-wing Twitter accounts, including GB News, Rebecca Jane claims that Perry is probably ‘covering up’ the real reasons for her resignation. She alleges  that Perry’s election as leader just a month ago was ‘fabricated for Lois to win’,  with  only Ben Walker, the returning officer, ever seeing the actual votes cast.

It should be said that these allegations are unsubstantiated, and she offers no evidence to support them.

According to Rebecca Jane, UKIP is “one man’s party now…” and Ben Walker “is the only person making money out of UKIP now. He will not want the party to fold and potentially turned on her….”

Walker controls a trust which in turn exercises control over UKIP Ltd, the limited company which owns the party.

Rebecca Jane was Deputy Leader for 15 months, claiming when she resigned that the only reason Walker had appointed her to the role was because he wanted to ‘bed’ her.

During her term of office, she was charged with engaging in unification talks with other groups such as Reform and Lawrence Fox’s Reclaim, and she now reveals that she offered to ‘fold’ UKIP in the interests of right-wing unity. This was rejected by the UKIP NEC.

She suggests that Perry, who was making no attempt to conceal her gushing admiration for Nigel Farage and Reform in the days immediately prior to her resignation, may have advocated something similar, and was pushed out as a result.

Clearly suspecting that Perry is off to join Farage in Reform UK, Antony Nailer, UKIP’s Treasury, Energy, Transport & Environment spokesperson has fired off a bitter salvo in her direction, accusing her of deserting a sinking ship:

“The captain has taken to a life raft leaving the remaining passengers to go down with the ship.

“Worse than that, she’s torpedoed the wreck” he says.

5 responses on “Perry resignation leads to new allegations against UKIP chairman

  1. Seasaim liom féin

    Why do these UKIP delusionals and seniles hate the REFORM Party so much? Why do they allow their convicted crook of a disgraced Chairman to sucker them so easily? Don’t they know how to check B.S. claims via the web? I’m no big fan of REFORM, but it had the sense to shun every single overture from UKIP and treat it like the rabid dog it is.

    Is this how UKIP formulates its policies now ? The Policy Team that came up with the genius idea of a floating wall in the Channel, something only a true sailor like the Big Boss could contemplate, is abolished, presumably work now contracted out to another misbegotten fictional creation like his “Umbrella Organisation” that allows more exfiltration of funds by the rogue builder and expelled magistrate. Did I read a prosecution for perjury or something is on the cards?

    Is Drooling Crazy Pat locked up as yet?

  2. Heath's Finest

    What an interesting website. I don’t agree with the politics but I like the good research. is closed for comments, so I place mine here. The same embarrassing GARY JOHNSON (now 72) who was exposed in that article was not expelled but has instead been rewarded by UKIP.

    He is their PPC for Newbury, Berkshire.

    To Gary>

    In an interview on Mon, 17 June 2024 at you were asked: “Do you have family/partner and what do they think of you running for Parliament?”

    You responded: “I have a wonderful wife that understands my political interests. I am pleased to say my wife never interferes with my decision to work with those that I support. Her decision to keep her political thoughts private I fully understand.”

    Is this the same “wonderful wife” whom you described to me, when you tried to chat me up to solicit sordid sex, as being “very elderly” and “cold” ? All while you unsuccessfully pretended to be much younger than 69, as you actually were then?

    I sat on the NEC to help Britain, not to relieve your marital frustrations!

    Perverts and hypocrites like you and Walker are all that are left in UKIP, so you are right at home there.

    My kids hate UKIP and want me to write to the Berkshire Press about you. I kept everything.

    Shall I?

  3. Heath's Finest

    Gary, remember all your “she doesn’t care”, “she doesn’t understand me”, “she doesn’t take any interest in what I do and could care less”, “I’ve been celibate for years”, “your beauty makes me soo horny”?

    Will she pick up on 01635-82x42x, Mr PPC?

    You are a big x yourself.

  4. M

    Great, another person making it public of how attractive she is to people. I hate this Party to the depths.