Newly elected UKIP Leader quits

By Searchlight Team

Only a few weeks after being elected as Leader of UKIP, Lois Perry suddenly resigned yesterday, citing health issues.

However, whilst her departure in the middle of the election campaign was remarkable, it is not itself altogether surprising.

It was never clear when she ran successfully for the party leadership election only two months ago, that she fully understood the snake pit she was jumping into, not least of all:

– the increasing financial and organisational opacity of the party;

– the allegations of libidinous behaviour swirling around Chairman Ben Walker;

– Walker’s sacking as a magistrate for misleading the Ministry of Justice about his previous convictions;

– and the criminal convictions of other party members such as Dan Morgan, convicted in a major fraud case for robbing vulnerable people of their savings, but still allowed to play a prominent role in the party in south Wales.

It is being said Perry was rather shaken by a dossier of allegations (heavily featuring Searchlight articles, it seems) about Walker and the current state of UKIP, sent to her by party dissidents, not to mention a small barrage of letters to the local press in Harlow, where she is still officially the UKIP candidate in the general election, highlighting similar concerns.

The prospect of a public hustings at the end of the month where, she was apparently warned, these matters would be put to her, could not have been an attractive proposition.

Recent events have also betrayed a possible division of loyalties: only two days ago she had a ‘lovely lunch’ (left) with Reform UK leader Nigel Farage, for whom she has made no secret of her drooling admiration, and whom she endorsed in the election, even though UKIP is running a candidate, Andrew Pemberton, in the same Clacton seat. Pemberton will not have been best pleased.

Then she publicly endorsed renegade Tory MP Lee Anderson (pictured right), also running for Reform UK.

It remains to be seen who the leadership of this crippled outfit will fall to. Deputy leader, Nick Tenconi, has only recently moved over from Turning Point UK and does give the impression of being rather smarter than the rest of the party leadership. If so, he may decide to let this particular chalice pass him by…

3 responses on “Newly elected UKIP Leader quits

  1. Againe


    “Pneumonia”? Did she forget that six weeks back she tweeted she was diagnosed as over it?

    It sounds much more like she finally woke from her delusions, with a little help from her predecessor in UKIP Rebecca Jane, who’d given the clearest warnings the party was a total fraud and the wingnut in charge posed a real danger, and others. And did the sensible thing.

    The past pneumonia was a convenient excuse. If it did recur at all, in view of her age (just turned 43), pneumonia is overwhelmingly likely to be Covid-related.

    A few minutes with google shows that Lois Perry, during her time in 2021 with Reclaim and Fox, was an ardent Covid denier or anti-vaxxer – and she took no precautions.
    She got some fitting responses on twitter to her silliness –
    She joins a long line of fools who had to learn the (very) hard way how dangerous Covid was. Luckily ineligible for a Darwin award only because (i) she survived and (ii) she has already bred.

    Searchlight are you really certain she quit, and this wasn’t another episode like so many of them have? Her own still says she is Leader and the UKIP website is silent on the matter.

  2. Martyn Lester

    It would be difficult to interpret her tweet in any way other than that she has quit:

    “I’ve made the difficult decision to step down as leader of @UKIP and focus on my recovery from my recent near death pneumonia. I thank them for the amazing opportunity and wish them well x”

  3. Mark's Guff

    Thank you both for this information, which I’ve shared with the voters of Harlow and will bring up on Wednesday at the Passmores “Question Time” for candidates, a hustings in all but its name. confirms what Againe said.

    Since the Rogue Builder and unselected Chairman has for years and in many ways used the Party Constitution as toilet paper, why doesn’t he announce he’s the Party Leader at the same time as Chairman, rigging another election if needed, even though the rules say the posts can’t be held by the same person? He’s broken far more serious things before, and got away with 99% of it.

    It would save himself the bother of having to repeatedlly get fake or puppet leaders like Rebecca, Lois, even Pat, who “betray” him, let him down and turn against him when they discover the scam, or resent getting only crumbs.

    Or as suggested on the anglefire/scumbags page, is it legal advice that admitting UKIP is a one-man band with puppets and play-actors could prejudice cases of contested Wills, specially now all the guff is out there for anyone who’s paid their subscription to the Google? The plot exposed?

    “Re The Estate of Graham Jones- Royal Courts of Justice – £170,000 inheritance. Josh was instructed by a political party in relation to an ambiguous will left by a supporter.” – Case lost, on other grounds, but a useful indicator of intent.