Heritage Party conspiracy-nuts fight 41 seats

By Searchlight Team

After Reform UK, the far-right party fielding the most candidates in the general election is the Heritage Party, a UKIP breakaway heavily involved in promoting conspiracy theories about vaccinations and other strange obsessions. It is putting up 41 candidates. They are standing against Farage in Clacton, and against the English Democrats candidate Steve Laws in Dover & Deal.

The party’s founder and leader, David Kurten (pictured, in earlier times with Nigel Farage), was prominent in the leadership of UKIP and represented it on the London Assembly from 2016 till 2020 but split in 2020 to set up Heritage. He contested the Old Bexley and Sidcup parliamentary election for Heritage in 2021, gaining 1.7% of the vote.

The party is controlled by a limited company which is in turn entirely under the control of Kurten himself: he has 75% control and the right to appoint of sack a majority of the board of directors. Members needn’t expect any significant democratic say in the running of this party.

Kurten has been in trouble a few times when he was caught posting disinformation online. Last November he posted film of a luxury yacht which he claimed had been purchased by Ukrainian President Zelensky with funds from the UK, USA and EU (pictured). It turned out the yacht had not been bought by anyone – it was still listed for sale. In fact, it is still listed for sale today.

Then he posted a picture of a ‘woke’ LGBT sandwich, suggesting he’d bought it that day. In fact, the picture was five years old and had been digitally manipulated to look recent.

Since its launch, Heritage has lurched increasingly rightwards, embracing the full panoply of conspiracy theories which excite the wilder fringes of the far right: it’s against low traffic networks, 15-minute cities, net zero, digital currencies, 5G networks, fluoride in the water supply, comprehensive sex education. It is also strongly pro-Putin.

Its conspiracy obsessions are given free rein in their take on the Covid pandemic, describing the lockdowns of four years ago as “the tyrannical lockdown in the UK imposed by the Tories, Labour and MSM working in lockstep with the WEF, WHO and other globalists”.

At the time Kurten claimed that the infection, at the time killing a thousand people a day, was no worse than flu, and he discouraged people from getting vaccinated.

But Heritage are silent on some things as well – not least of all the fact that Kurten is a fanatical fundamentalist Christian who wants to completely ‘abolish’ abortion rights.

What we also know is that, despite the ostensibly responsible presentation of these issues online and in its election publicity, life at grass roots level in the party is very different. Local branches have become home to some of the most off the wall, conspiracy-obsessed, antisemitic crazies you will come across.

2 responses on “Heritage Party conspiracy-nuts fight 41 seats

  1. Miss Borden

    David operates at a level mere mortals cannot comprehend.

    As reported in The Jewish Chronicle,

    “David Kurten says ‘Jewess’ will rule over Mexicans”


    Ordinary mortals couldn’t conceivably come up with such wisdom.

    Also, they might not understand all those VISA stamps from the same country in the Passport he presented to my friend during AM candidate vetting in summer 2015.

    He’d asked Kurten to bring it along as proof of citizenship. Kurten didn’t realise he was the only one who had been asked. But it didn’t have anything to do with citizenship, unless Littlehampton had rowed across the pond.

    I’ve forgotten what country Bangkok’s the capital of, silly me.

    Spreading the word of God to the little ones is so noble.

  2. Ishmael

    Do not know about the above, but this is a Notice to conman David Lumbering – Leaking – Grifting Kurten who is capable of inventing and trying anything to finish off UKIP so that his own Rump, and he has a gargantuan Rump, Party which he should shut down or reinvent as a UKIP Tribute Party called Heritage, can extract more donations from his cult followers.

    40 among which he signed up as candidates.

    UKIP may have its deficiency or two but at least it is a democracy with an elected executive body, unlike your Heritage Dictatorship Cult and Private Company.

    People following your medical and lifestyle advice DIE, Kurten. Is that what rocks your boat now think you are a famous figure and you have to be more discreet and can’t just jet-jump every time the itch struck?

    Exactly when Kurten are you going to honour your debts and pay back to UKIP that 10% titheing which you pledged in a UKIP Croydon branch meeting in 2015, should you win a seat as an AM on the London Assembly, with us footsoldiers doing all the hard work of campaigning so your giant arse could be on the benches?

    You Kurten got elected and had a bonus year because of what you ungratefully called a plandemic, so that comes to 5 years at £75.000 so you owe the party, including interest on the debts at the High Court rates.

    All in all at least £50,000, don’t you agree, you satanist schmuck?

    There used to be an Internet document proving this on Junius’s whistle blower website which seems to have gone down. All of us downloaded it and we attach it for the press release.

    So pay UKIP what you owe it, lying Deadbeat Dave.

    The Argus
    Littlehampton Gazette
    Sussex Express