Nostalgic right wingers gather on St George’s Day

By Searchlight Team

Alan Harvey

While Tommy Robinson’s chums are tramping through London on St George’s Day, there will be an altogether more sedate gathering at the Civil Service Club, in Westminster. The Springbok Club, an outfit dedicated to commemorating all that was wonderful about apartheid South Africa and pre-majority rule Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), will be addressed by Washington Times journalist Geoff Hill.

Organiser of the Springbok Club, and of the meeting, is one Alan Harvey, a name which will be familiar to veteran readers of Searchlight. He is an ex-NF organiser who later helped set up and run the Swinton Circle, that nasty little outfit that formed a bridge between the far Tory right, and the fascist right. He now runs the Patriotic Forum, the latest iteration of the Swinton Circle.

An Ulsterman, Harvey spent time living in South Africa in those good old apartheid days and played a shady role liaising between Ulster loyalists and South African intelligence. His twitter handle is, of course, @EmpireLoyalist.

One of the highlight’s of the Springbok Club’s calendar is an annual ceremony to mark the declaration of UDI by Ian Smith’s racist Rhodesian government, an occasion when, amongst other delights, the old Rhodesian national anthem enjoys a full-throated rendition.

For those interested in attending, Mr Hill’s talk will be in the Elizabeth Room, kicking off at 19.00.

4 responses on “Nostalgic right wingers gather on St George’s Day

  1. Stan

    This article fails to include that the countries these men fought to defend have become fascist hell holes. Zimbabwe fell under the rule of a man backed by Margaret Thatcher. Robert Mugabe ruled the country with Stalinesque style, committing genocide against the Matabele to settle old blood feuds between the Shona and Matabele in Rhodesia. South Africa was mandated to have Separation by the British. People forget the absolute warring and bloodshed that happened upon tribal loyalties in South Africa, a land that began being populated by the Xhosa and whites around the same time periods. Was it right? My sensibilities say no, morally, segregation is wrong when enforced. People naturally segregate. The Bantustans were an opportunity for people to govern themselves. Some did better than the others.

    I believe that Apartheid was dying on the vine, the generation that accepted it was passing on and the world was changing. The die hard Apartheiders were much much smaller than the media like this portrayed. Hindsight is always 20/20.

    The Soldiers of Southern Africa were Africans as well, minority or not. They fought against cold blooded Communist killers like Mugabe and in SA, the ANC has done nothing but rob, loot and cause problems. SA also was facing two wars. The political one at home and the literal ground invasion of Communist forces of Russia, Cuba, East Germany and Cuba that empowered the indigenous to fight for what they were led to believe was nationalism but in fact they were to become communist puppets. So, what do you make of it all. It’s up to you. But for the love of truth. Tell the truth. The US and the UK held Rhodesia down while Russian Educated and Butcher Mugabe won the vote thru intimidation. Not only that Rhodesia had already had fair elections two years before with Abel Muzowera elected Prime Minister. Somehow this is always ignored.

    It was only when the UK and US was upset that Mugabe didn’t participate in free and fair elections that they demanded another election, interfering in a sovereign state, that Mugabe brought in his Terrorists to corral all the villagers into polls where they were bullied and watched with AK’s at the ready to ensure they voted for him. All this is somehow ignored. WHY?

  2. Unzipper the Third

    You meant Right WHINGERS, yes?
    Here’s the Springbok Club with UKIP’s wizard Dear Leader- –
    Here’s the erstwhile Chairman, the Saucerer’s Apprentice – –
    His accomplice and newly inserted Dear Replacement Leader is the notorious fatman with a string of disgusting sexual scandals.
    Don’t tell these retards their Saint George was olive-skinned and furrin.

  3. Amanda Castle

    Right wing is a joke… Just because we love our country doesn’t make us right wing but it does mean we are RIGHT…. Why should we allow our country to be taken from us!!?? Any proud British citizen should be standing up now before it’s too late… Tommy Robinson is my hero… A brave man who is not scared to come forward for what he believes in… We definitely need more like him!!!!

  4. Broadwater Broadside

    May be you need to check a little better, hero Tommy Robinson whom I’ve met views UKIP as a SCAM run by THIEVES who STOLE the party to get at the LEGACIES all while insulting other organisations as being ‘Legacy Parties’.
    Please do your research better and stop being another of Ben Walker’s TOOLS, instead report the mysterious TRUST which is used for EMBEZZLEMENT of UKIP’s assets thanks to help from TWO BARRISTERS who I shall name and do my best to expose too.
    Thank. You.