UKIP Chairman in desperate efforts to plug leaks

By Searchlight Team

UKIP’s disgraced Chairman, Ben Walker, recently fired as a JP for misleading the authorities about his criminal record, may be wishing he was a plumber rather than just a ‘rogue builder’, such are the leaks springing from his floundering boat. The party’s UK Activists Forum WhatsApp group, supposedly the ‘top secret’ preserve of trusted leading activists, is now divulging its secrets, exposing internal division and the pressure Walker is coming under. First, Walker’s ire was aroused by a post from Pat Mountain, a former interim leader and deputy leader, regurgitating all the salacious allegations made by recently departed deputy leader Rebecca ‘Barbie’ Jane in her resignation letter. Jane claimed that Walker only appointed her as deputy leader because he wanted to bed her. Mountain’s ambiguous comment, True Colours’ fooled no-one and was universally read as a comment on Walker not Jane. He has now taken shutting down group discussion – especially of the forthcoming elections to replace ex-leader, Neil ‘Liar and Cheat’ Hamilton. Hapless NEC member Julie Carter had to be advised by Mountain that “Ben has instructed that there be no chat regarding the leadership election on this group.”

That particular exchange leaked and led to Walker expelling suspected leakers from the group (the fact you are reading this shows he didn’t have much success)

and threatening to shut the group down or restrict it to branch or regional officers.

In UKIP’s current sorry state, that would make a very small group indeed.

7 responses on “UKIP Chairman in desperate efforts to plug leaks

  1. not a strop......this is serious......

    Why was a very senior officer in the party some viewed as the leader in waiting discouraged from participating in this group or other Party discussion media?
    All is now clear.
    It was not for protection as I was told but it was because a certain person didn’t want me to recognise UKIP is more like a Cult than a Political Party and one of which he is the God Father and all the money that comes in ends up in his pockets while he laughs at those he tricked calling them dogs with two cocks in their dads suit..
    I cottoned on to the game late but as they say better late than not at all.
    If there is any way at all I can help put him in prison where he belongs I would in a blink of an eye.

  2. not a strop......this is serious......

    On the bright side thrilled to learn Lois heeded warnings but hope she hadnt already paid him £1500. She deserves so much better than to be a conmans plaything.
    The vulnerable lady groomed before and then at conference had already been mistreated or raped by GMP which I personally know is filled with deviants. She needs to be briefed about frying pans and fires.
    Tragically TalkTV sealed its own fate when it allowed the pest on to lie and spin and didnt question him about why there was a vacancy.
    Will the Party honour his tapped new leader by changing its mascot to an unshaven golly-wog in a bomba jacket?
    I was daft..but no longer.

  3. Just A Pleb

    Yes but did you know ukip was already down to merely two activists in the whole north-east.

    But Another Leaker on the its nec says that the pair, ages 23 and 47, have finally seen what was obvious to almost everyone else, which is their Big Boss is a lying grifting conniving thief, offering bribes when blackmail didn’t work, and now, in exchange for sharing his bed, party leadership.

    So if the crook blocks who he doesn’t like, or fakes the voting in the phoney Leadership Election, like deputy leader Rebecca Jane published he would, and so the otherwise guaranteed winner courageous Anne Marie Waters does not win and cannot put in Robinson as party chairman no matter what she promised Walker, the tyne and wear duo might manage to put one and one together, abandon the grand meaningless titles they love so dearly, and walk away.

    This would leave ukip as defunct in the north-east as it has been in northern ireland, the north-west, london, scotland etc.

    Can’t speak for Baker, and usually nor can he, but it can’t be too pleasant for Thomson to know his Big Boss writes about him as a jumped-up pratt, a dog with two dicks, that a reference to Thomson’s sexual orientation, dressed in his dumb dad’s soiled suit.

    Then the whole desolation of a region of three million will be without ukip chairman, secretary, treasurer, officer, etc, or even one branch. Two more vacant seats on the phoney nec, two more vacant seats on the phoney board of directors, two fewer to be pretend-spokespeople, two fewer “young independents”, in ukip terms young meaning up to 50, and making Gary Johnson or Jeff Courtnay frontrunners as replacement National Nominator Officer for a party without candidates.

    Bully Walker could not give a toss, provided the legacies keep getting to what he looks on as the right place. Can’t Ezra help with getting a lawyer?

  4. Hidden Treasure

    “Plug leaks” ? ?

    Seems as if this piece of work, when not dipping into what’s not his, whiles away the hours plotting to plug the leak-holes of the young and clueless he keeps importing into what he describes as ”HIS” party? Race no bar. Very young with big juicy melons is great but religious moral convictions could be a bigger stumbling block.

    His own convictions are of a different flavour, contact Bristol Magistrates Court and the Judicial Appointments & Investigation offices for more details.

    One escapee suggested one of his many deep mental issues is that the plug is too small for most jobs? His poor fiancée…… now reading about him fantasising about her and “Annabelle” in mankinis, photo for his own “personal use only”.



    I’m an attorney based in NYC who, in an election year, has a vicarious interest in UKIP’s saga of scandals. In 2020, “UKIP” was almost a household name among political pundits.

    In England and Wales, applications for judicial appointments are made “under the penalty of perjury”, as it would be worded in the U.S.

    The Magistrates’ Association advised that the making of false statements, deliberately or recklessly, irrespective of whether in writing or orally, in such an application is a criminal offense attracting, upon conviction, a maximum sentence of ten years imprisonment.

    Absent a defence, it is customary for a custodial sentence to be imposed even for first offenses of this nature.

    Due to a judicial backlog, it may be a while before a decision is made in this case.

  6. Royal Toff

    On March 15th, 2024 blimey wrote –
    “We can be sure Tommy and Anna will put those millions to better use than can the Bill and Ben Show. For what can flowerpot men do, even with Annabelle prancing around in a mankini? This farcical UKIP is going to end very badly.”

    Tommy and Anna will not have a chance to put those millions to better use, because Waters has been eliminated from the faux contest, just as the Lady Detective predicted
    So came as no surprise.

    All the heavy burden of how to spend the zillions will fall on the shoulders of poor Bill & Ben, the Flowerpot men. But will Trixy/Annabelle be hiding in the flower?