Traditional Britain Group guest speaker offered to pay for “hit”

By Searchlight Team

The far-right Traditional Britain Group has announced that the guest speaker at its annual Xmas Social in central London on 16 December will be Rhodri Phillips, or Viscount St Davids. They describe him as someone who “got himself into hot water for criticisms he made of the pro-EU campaigner and self-publicist Guyanese-origin Gina Miller, who took the government to court over Brexit…”

Well, not quite. In fact, that’s a rather coy way of saying he offered money for someone to kill her.

In July 2017 he was convicted of sending malicious communications after posting on Facebook that he would pay “£5,000 for the first person to ‘accidentally’ run over this bloody troublesome first-generation immigrant”.

He was also convicted for offering £2000 to anyone who would “carve into pieces” a man who had been reported in the press as having turned down a five-bedroom council house for his family of eight.

Philips was jailed for 12 weeks. Gina Miller had to employ professional security for herself and her family as a result.

TBG is a well-funded far-right group at whose events right wing conservatives rub shoulders with members of further-right extremist and fascist groups. Jacob Rees-Mogg was guest speaker in 2013 (pictured above with TBG founder Gregory Lauder-Frost) despite being warned by Searchlight about what TBG was. He later said this had been a mistake.

Two years ago, the guest speaker at its annual conference was Katie Fanning (below), now number two in deranged Hitler-lookalike Alek Yerbury’s openly fascist National Support Detachment.

Last year’s conference heard from two members of the far-right German AfD and from fascist lawyer, Sam Swerling, the recently deceased Vice President of TBG (see Searchlight obituary: