Le Pen’s UK rep and the man who believed synagogue bombing was “well intentioned”

By Searchlight Team

So, if Marine Le Pen and her Rassemblement National have rejected antisemitism and now stand with Jewish people, how do they explain this? Her UK representative, Max Begon, recently addressing the conference of a party led by a man who once wrote that synagogue bombing was “well-intentioned”.

As Searchlight has reported on other occasions, Andrew Brons, BD’s Deputy Chairman and one of its founders, wrote this in a letter to National Socialist Movement leader Colin Jordan’s wife, Francoise Dior.

Brons was young at the time but has never expressed regret for his remarks nor apologised to the Jewish community. He was later elected as a Euro MP for the BNP.

Dior and other members of the NSM were eventually jailed for a campaign of synagogue arson attacks in London.