Britain First leader abandons Remembrance weekend for Polish junket – then gets banged up at airport

By Searchlight Team

Paul Golding (2nd from right) and Ashlea Simon (2nd from left) with MEP Dominic Tarczynsi (3rd from left)

Having told his followers to avoid the Cenotaph at the weekend, Britain First leader Paul Golding was free to hop off on a fascist junket to Poland. So much more congenial for him and Ashlea if not for their troops left behind, even if it was only a day trip.

The annual Independence Day march in Warsaw is generally well attended and Searchlight readers will not be surprised to learn that it is a magnet for the dregs of the Europeans far right. Delegations of fascist criminals from Sweden and Germany are regular visitors but, of course, none are more important than Golding and partner Ashlea Simon who, visibly nervous, sported new nails featuring a St George Cross. Appropriate, we’re sure.

They were invited along by extreme right Polish MEP Dominic Tarczynsi. Then. having met up with other unsavoury leaders of Polish fascism, it was straight back to the airport for the Britain First delegation.

Not happy – Golding in the airport detention room

But although Golding may be welcome by the Polish far right, back home he is not quite as popular with the forces of law and order. A video, shown on Golding’s Telegram channel, recorded an angry, outraged, frustrated and tired-looking leader, moaning that once again he was being held for questioning by UK immigration and anti-terrorist officers. One can only imagine how Golding’s appearance at an airport with a team of minders might upset the average frequent flyer.

It’s been suggested that, struggling to recruit people to his ailing Britain First outfit, Golding is looking to recruit UK-based Polish fascists to swell his party’s ranks of cranks. His supporters were nowhere to be seen in Central London over the weekend – having launched a petition calling for a ban on all demonstrations during the weekend, that would have been a bit tricky. And Golding went online to claim it was an establishment trap: to provoke a clash between the far right and the Palestinian marchers and provide a pretext for stronger public order laws. But it left their much more financially astute mate, Tommy Robinson, to march boldly through the streets of Chinatown before disappearing in a taxi leaving his supporters to fight with police…