Nazis lied to charity to book conference hall

By Searchlight Team


Left to right: David Clews, Laura Towler, Joel Davis, Mark Collett, Tony Hovater, Warren Balogh

Patriotic Alternative leaders lied to a charity to book a community hall for PA’s annual conference.

The conference was held at Waltham on the Wolds Village Hall, near Melton Mowbury in Leicestershire, last Saturday. As well as PA leaders, speakers included American nazi Warren Balogh. Tony Hovater, like Balogh, a senior member of the National Justice Party and Australian neo-Nazi Joel Davis.

Also gracing the platform was David Clews of the UK conspiracy-peddling online TV channel, Unity News Network, whose contributors also include the deranged anti-vaxxer Kate Shemirani, best known for calling for the execution of NHS staff.

But to hire the hall, PA – presumably in the form of leader Mark Collett who was being congratulated on the PA Telegram channel for organising the event – lied to the charity which runs the hall about who was actually hiring it.

Alerted by Searchlight, the Hall Committee yesterday issued the following statement:

It has been brought to our attention today that the group known as ‘Patriotic Alternative’ hired Waltham on the Wolds Village Hall on the 7.10.2023 to host a meeting. This booking was made under an alias that did not alert us to the nature or content of the event. 

We do not support or affiliate with Patriotic Alternative or any other political group.  Waltham on the Wolds Village Hall is a volunteer run charity, and we welcome people from all communities and promote diversity and inclusivity”. 

There had been some comment online that the venue might have been an adjacent scout venue, as PA posted photos taken outside the conference hall which showed the exterior of the scout hall. The scouting group also issued a statement:

We were surprised to learn that Patriotic Alternative (PA) held a conference in a hall next to one of our Scout Facilities. The building in which PA met is not owned or operated by the Scout Movement but sits next to one of our existing meeting spaces. The PA event was held in the Wolds Village Hall and at no time during their conference did PA access our Scout meeting space. Scouting is a non-political, inclusive organisation that welcomes young people and adults from all faiths and communities across the UK.’

3 responses on “Nazis lied to charity to book conference hall

  1. Free Man

    One needs to poke around under, and stir up, the scum to see their connections.

    After, in April, openly welcoming fascists and neonazis to become members, the UK Independence Party should have changed its name to the UK Independents Party. This is because then any few decent clingers-on quit UKIP, to try to become Independents. Opening the drainage valve for the sewer was too much for them to stomach.

    Do you think UKIP, when booking its Party Conference at the Newport Neon (01633 533666,, [email protected]) for October 14th, was any more candid about its status than Patriotic Alternative had been with Wolds VH?

    Over the phone, the Neon appears to have a very different impression about the nature of the booking engagement.

    Why there? Did it get too hot for UKIP in Llanelli, with the police interest in those who run the Stamps premises, all reformed characters now, no doubt? Does anyone know what’s UKIP’s policy on dealing in hard drugs, and with those with convictions for it?

    Aren’t all those gift donations and legacies from their trillions of claimed members and late members enough for a party that doesn’t seem to spend any money on politics?

    A connection between UKIP and Patriotic Alternative is through David Clews @UnityNewsNet (above), who is reportedly also a buddy of John Lawrence. Their broadcast talk of 31 July 2022, still available, is an eye-opener, though not in the way either might prefer.

    John Lawrence, who some say was too fruity even for the EDL (Tommy Robinson’s English Defence League, of which he used to be a member) is the real brains behind the National Housing Party @NHPUKOfficial. He and former BNP activist Pat McGinnis run it.

    In true National Socialist style, the NHP also has a policy to abolish all private ownership of property, a step even the SNP wouldn’t take.

    On April 18, 2023 UKIP’s Policy Team lynchpin @SteveUnwin01, who claims to be its National Spokesperson for Home Affairs, Political Reform and Local Government, went out of his way to alert EDL Lawrence and BNP McGinnis that UKIP’s doors were now open wide to them and those like them.

    Unwin tagged in @HNPUKOfficial to his proud tweet that UKIP was about to announce “Big news”, which turned out to be UKIP’s official announcement of its Far Right status. Unwin says he had spent “17 years as a professional constituency Agent” for the Conservatives.

    To hide from potential donors, as well as executors and judges, that UKIP has no regional structure left – its grassroots branch and county structure having already evaporated years ago – on 25 June 2023 UKIP suppressed its Regional positions’ webpage. However, another helpful Postman (not all Pats are called McGinnis) confirms that the same Unwin is still the “South West Regional Organiser”, which must be the easiest job in the world.

    While he has taken it down since, at the time Unwin apparently solicited the BNP/EDL/NHP people to sign up, his @SteveUnwin01 account had as its banner an intriguing intimate photo.

    It showed, from left to right, Party Leader Mr Neil Hamilton with his tongue out, Mrs Unwin holding his arm, and then an unidentified lady in the middle. Moving further Right, there’s an evidently happy Party Leader’s Leader Mrs Christine Hamilton grasped by Unwin, but also grasping Unwin around his waist.

    Pat identified the appropriately-attired Miss-Piggy-in-the-Middle as Vanessa Coleman, a notorious Madam jailed for an extended period for very financially successfully running two seedy brothels, masquerading as “massage parlours”, in the Bournemouth area, but not jailed for donating her time and money generously to UKIP. With reported takings or profit of £640,000 from one year alone, with the Spanking Sessions helping no doubt, she could afford it.

    In 2014,eight years after her release from prison, and to the distress of locals. Vanessa even donated the most famed brothel’s premises to UKIP to use as an office, with the same Neil Hamilton doing the honours by opening it.

    Hosted events including a sponsored slim and a £12.50 per head “VIP afternoon tea” with Neil Hamilton. It is obvious Madam Vanessa shunned the slimming herself. It isn’t clear whether the Spanking Sessions were reintroduced.with the Hamiltonian Tea.

    To make it all absolutely perfect, the locale of this brothel-cum-UKIP-premises was a part of Dorset called “Pokesdown”.

    It is unsurprising that even the self-respecting Neos of PA shunned UKIP and ignored its membership offer. It is hard being a successful Nazi when everyone either ignores you as irrelevant or laughs at you as pathetic clowns.

    Whether there’ll be any Neos at the Neon on Saturday remains to be seen. Who’ll supply any coke? What a shame UKIP’s by-election victory, getting an MP elected in Tamworth, is the week after the Neon.

  2. Free Man

    As one Pokes Down further still into the brown (shirted) stuff, Felix’s September 7 article in The JC helps with another connection between UKIP, its invitee the National Housing Party, and Patriotic Alternative.
    Under the respectable front of a rehabilitation centre for veterans with PTSD, Camp Bath has a sinister purpose.

    “The fundraiser is organised by Darren Edmundson, an anti-immigration activist who styles himself “Pembrokeshire Patriot”, and Patriotic Alternative, whose logo appears alongside PTSD Camp Bath on fundraising banners. Earlier this year, Patriotic Alternative sparked calls to “burn down” and “drive out” the Jewish Board of Deputies after its President, Marie van der Zyl, visited a migrant camp in France. A spokesperson for the Community Security Trust said the group’s incendiary social media post could trigger attacks on Jews. Patriotic Alternative leader Mark Collett has previously stated his admiration for Hitler and written that he would have been “proud” to have taken part in the Nazi party’s Nuremberg rallies. Patriotic Alternative conferences have featured Michèle Renouf, a leading Holocaust denier, and Andreas Johansson of the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement.”

    Now steps in John Lawrence, who appears to have declined UKIP’s membership offer.

    In August 2023, “former Britain First [EDL?] activist John Lawrence broadcast a livestream in which he solicited donations for [Camp Bath]. “I’ve met many veterans alongside Dion [Drayson] at the camp,” he claimed. Lawrence is the founder and leader of the National Housing Party, a far-right splinter group that campaigns to end all immigration to Britain. On encrypted messaging app Telegram, the National Housing Party wrote earlier this year: “Every major contributor to the dogma of Cultural Marxism was Jewish. The Frankfurt School from where it originated was a nest of Jews. Its goal was simple Destroy White Christian civilisation & replace it with a Multicultural madhouse under Jewish hegemony [sic].” They have also claimed “there is not an anti-Jewish agenda… there is a vicious anti-white agenda” and said the “mainly Jewish” Soviet leadership intentionally starved Christian Ukrainians to death.”

    It is great the company that UKIP now keeps.

  3. Amy

    It was such a lovely event with great speakers and wonderful food. Everyone one had lovely day and it was great to see the children playing. I look forward to next years conference.