Hungarian Nazi leader to be opposed in London

By Gerry Gable

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) will oppose the leader of Hungary’s fascist Jobbik party at Gloucester Road tube station in west London tonight.

Gabor Vona had been due to speak at Kings College London, but due to anti-fascist pressure his meeting was “postponed’’. We sincerely hope the meeting is cancelled permanently. Jobbik supporters in London are now to gather at Gloucester Road tube, from 5.30pm, to try to hear Vona’s hate speech.

UAF will be there to oppose them.

Jobbik is one of Europe’s main fascist parties. It has 24 MPs, three MEPs and is second in the opinion polls, in the run-up to April’s elections. It has led violent pogroms against Roma people and members have assaulted refugees trying to seek sanctuary in Hungary. Jobbik claims to have “modernised” but at its core is a fascist message aimed at Roma people, Muslims and all who oppose its hate.

Next month Hungary goes to the polls. The reactionary, right-wing party Fidesz is being challenged by Jobbik, who have pushed Fidesz into aping some of Jobbik’s views.

It would have been abhorrent to have had Vona at Kings. We congratulate the many staff and students at the college and UAF members who have campaigned in the last few days to have Vona stopped. No doubt he would have used such a prestigious institution to gain respectability.

There can be no place for fascists, in Hungary or on our campuses. UAF had called for a picket should Vona speak at the college. The last time Jobbik attempted to hold a central London rally, they were curtailed by anti fascists.

UAF Joint Secretary Weyman Bennett said.

“It’s good that the many staff, students and anti-fascists at Kings and beyond have worked tirelessly to stop Vona being able to put out an antisemitic and Islamophobic message, there. His scuttling around London today will not be unopposed.

“Hungarian anti-fascists deserve all the solidarity they can get and we are glad to say that a fascist figurehead in Europe has been no-platformed. Coming in the week where the far right have polled well in the Italian elections, we must resist the rise of the new fascists.

“Fascists such as Vona should know that UAF and others will seek to curtail his poison, when he looks to gain support from Hungarians in the UK. We will march in the UK in London, Wales and Scotland, on March 17th, against today’s racists and fascists.”

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