Britain First suffer washout in Bromley

By Gerry Gable
Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding surrender yet again to bail at a police station – this time it’s Bromley

Saturday saw a pathetic turnout from Britain First in Bromley, reports Unite Against Fascism. Less than 50 turned out to see their leaders, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, sign on at the police station, as part of their bail conditions on charges of religiously aggravated harassment.

The fascists had hoped to march from Bromley North to the station, but for reasons not yet clear, were not able to. Of course, they blamed everyone but themselves for this. Around 200 answered Unite Against Fascism’s call and anti-fascists demoralised the little Hitlers, opposite the police station. The fascists had put out a national call for support and their low numbers clearly disgruntled several who did turn up. Ex-BNP members mingled with ex-Combat 18 thugs. This really was a rump and was the lowest Britain First demo for some time.

Labour Party members, Greens, trade unionists from the railway workers unions – RMT, TSSA and Aslef – Unite the Union, the NEU educational union and the civil service union PCS,made for an excellent contingent of anti-fascists. Disabled People against Cuts were also represented.

Britain First’s racist poison was largely drowned out. A few fascists gave Nazi salutes and tried to intimidate people but they were roundly rebuffed.

Lots of local people also joined our protest. Hardly any joined the fascists. They tried to prolong their hate fest but looked bedraggled at the end. Well done all who stayed the course and ensured that the fascists looked like the rump that they are. There were more flags than people for the fascists. Noteworthy was the EDL hanger-on who spoke for the fascists. He is the man who at the EDL demonstration in June, in London, said, “it is time to attack mosques”. He wasn’t arrested  for this and is clearly still at liberty. Why?

Several speakers stressed that fascists are attempting to regroup, hoping to emulate the far right in much of Europe. Groups like the Football Lads Alliance have been targeted by fascists, looking to get out of their current, fragmented status. Its a credit to all today, that Britain First were so well humiliated and often silenced. We need to remain on guard and ensure that the fascists remain in the gutter. Help us by joining UAF.

Two young Britain First supporters

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