Fascist EDL – not wanted in Rochdale, this Saturday, 29 July

By Gerry Gable

Just seven days, after the fascist group Britain First held a hate gathering in Rochdale, another group of fascists, the EDL, will be making an incursion into the town. The EDL are, like Britain First, trying to create division by racialising the issue of crimes of sexual exploitation.

Our thoughts must be with all those affected by such horror. Sexual exploitation is an appalling crime but it is not linked to ethnicity or religion.

Unite Against Fascism, trade unionists and others will be protesting for the second week running, to send a clear message to the EDL that they are not welcome in Rochdale. Years of consistent, broad-based mobilisations have pushed the EDL back to the point where – at their most recent demo in London – they were only able to muster a tiny group of about 50 fascists.

Similarly, in Liverpool on 3 June, when around 1,000 people humiliated the EDL, the fascists could only gather a rabble of, at most, 60.

The EDL is a fascist organisation – their founder ‘Tommy Robinson’ was a member of the British National Party. Leading EDL figure Alan Spence was also a member of the BNP and alongside the EDL’s ‘leader’, Ian Crossland, has a history of racist violence.

Despite differences, Britain First expressed support for the EDL’s gathering, this Saturday, though how long this truce will last is another matter.

Join us on 29 July, to show for the second time in a week, that fascists are not wanted in Rochdale.
More details will be confirmed. For further info please contact [email protected], or see event page here.