Update on anti-EDL protest in London, Saturday 24 June

By Gerry Gable

The fascist Islamophobes of the English Defence League have called a march in central London this Saturday, 24 June. The EDL is seeking to scapegoat Muslims following the appalling terror attacks in the UK.

We must ensure the EDL’s poison is countered.

Last Sunday 18 June several thousand racists, fascists and Islamophobes demonstrated in Manchester. This so-called “UK Against Hate” demonstration was the biggest by a fascist street movement in Britain for more than five years.

You may have seen former EDL leader Tommy Robinson shockingly gaining national media coverage following the appalling terrorist attack in Finsbury Park last weekend.

It is vital that we remain constantly vigilant against any revival of the fascist right on our streets.

UAF are calling a counter demonstration on 24 June, meeting at Whitehall at 11:30am.

UAF ask all anti fascists, all who detest the extreme right and all who defend multiculturalism to join the demonstration.