No to the fascist EDL in London – 24 June

By Gerry Gable

UAF LondonThe remaining rump of the fascist English Defence League (EDL) are returning to London, on 24 June, Unite Against Fascism writes. This is just a few weeks after their humiliation at the hands of over 1,000 anti fascists in Liverpool.

The supposed reason for their demonstration is concern over the recent terror attacks in the UK. In reality of course, they are attempting to shore up their motley crew with yet another drunken, Islamophobic excuse to be in the capital.

Just 70 or so EDL supporters made it to Liverpool, another sign of their long term decline. Some in what remains of their ranks are arguing that they should throw their lot in with Tommy Robinson’s new, so called, Unite Against Hate (sic) group. That remains to be seen, but there is pressure on the inept leader of the EDL, Crossland, to face facts concerning the EDL’s weaknesses. Other EDL members think that this is a pointless exercise, in light of the EDL’s inability to mobilise and anti fascists’ various victories over his dwindling band.

From being able to march around 3,500 people in 2010-2011, the EDL have been ground down by anti-fascists to where they are now a collection of thugs and cranks; marginal to events.

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) has called a counter mobilisation (details here).  There are two anti-government protests in London on the same day. Neither will welcome the news that the EDL are in London and many will reject the fascists’ race hate.