Jew-hating fascists and their Iranian sponsors gather in Tehran for their fourth international hate fest

By Gerry Gable


An international gathering of mainly Iranian and Italian antisemitic fascists opened in the Iranian capital Tehran on 17 May under the title “On the brink 2”. The Iranian news agency Tasmin described it as a “New Horizon Conference” and claimed it was focusing on human rights issues.

Tasmin reported: “Twenty-five human rights figures and experts from Europe and North America have participated in the two-day event.

“The gathering focuses on the latest developments in the Middle East region and the world.

“The 3rd New Horizon Conference was dedicated to a number of subjects, including a review of police brutality towards blacks in the US.

“Called “On the Brink”, the event took place in early fall last year.”

These fascists are using the banner of “human rights” as a smokescreen. We think it is possible that some of the core group of British extreme right antisemites may also have been represented there, but maintained a low profile.

Here are some images from the conference.

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