Hate in the online gaming community

By Sonia Gable

tellmamalogoTell MAMA UK (Monitoring Anti-Muslim Attacks) are publishing engaging new content as part of their social media campaign to bring awareness to the issue of hate in the online gaming community and request your support. They write:

This is a phenomenon that particularly impacts young people with diverse identities. By the end of 2016 we saw a noticeable increase in reports of Anti-Muslim hate from young people playing multiplayer games online. In 2016 online hate made up just under half of all anti-Muslim attacks and the phenomenon of hate within online gaming is quickly growing. However the issue of hate within the online gaming community has gained little scope within public awareness. We need to change this:

Can we count on your support for our campaign?

As part of the community active against hate, we are asking you to help us build awareness around this important issue by sharing our content through your various social media networks.

  1. Please share the video in the link below, to your social media platforms using the hashtag #No2H8, #ChallengingH8 and tag us @TellMamaUK.
  2. Use social media to send a clear message of your own, that we need to report hate crime within the online gaming community and to confront online hate in general.
  3. Share and repost the infographics below using the same hashtags #No2H8, #ChallengingH8 and @TellMamaUK.
  4. Signal boost TELL MAMA UK to your online networks. We are the UK’s independent public service for Monitoring anti-Muslim hate crime and provide support and advise for victims of attack.
  5. Please check us on Twitter and Facebook for more info graphics and animated content that we will be posting throughout this campaign. We need as much reach as possible and greatly appreciate your efforts.




Video: https://twitter.com/TellMamaUK/status/842352213355827200

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