Join the rally for Aleppo’s children

By Sonia Gable

rally-for-aleppo-picAleppo’s children have been bombed relentlessly by Syrian and Russian warplanes for weeks. Over 1.6 million of us have called for our leaders to step up and protect these terrified children and their families, and now it’s time to take our call to the streets.

This Saturday from 12pm we’re gathering outside Downing Street to show we won’t stand by as Syrian children are slaughtered. The media are already planning to cover the event, and with thousands of Avaazers around London, together we can make this massive! Will you join?

Hundreds of children have been killed or wounded in Aleppo in recent weeks. It’s time to for the massacre to end. Join us at 12pm on Saturday outside Downing Street and bring a Teddy Bear in solidarity with 100,000 children trapped in the city. RSVP below and invite your friends:

The war in Syria has taken hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions of families. There are no good options to end the violence, but surely the world can come together to ensure that the most vulnerable are protected from bombardment and starvation.

The current efforts to stop the fighting in Syria are not working, and the UN warns that eastern Aleppo could be destroyed by December. It’s time to ask the Prime Minister what she’s doing to stop the bombs and protect the innocent — and demand a concrete plan to end the killings of civilians. Together we can give voice to the families trapped in terror.

Let’s make this weekend one to remember, and show the PM that we will not stand by as Aleppo’s children are killed. Join now:

With hope for Saturday,

The Avaaz team