Extreme right awareness workshop

By Gerry Gable

Northampton workshop

Northampton University is putting on a one-day workshop led by Dr Paul Jackson, an academic expert in the dynamics of the British far and extreme right.

The workshop on Friday 16 September will draw on the latest academic research, material from the extreme right itself, and intelligence from Searchlight to offer the latest analysis of the current threats and issues posed by far and extreme right organisations.


This interactive workshop will be of particular interest to those professionals whose work relates to the Prevent Agenda and hate crimes, such as police officers and practitioners working in education and local authorities.

The workshop will:

  • Present overviews of the most important and far and extreme right groups in the UK
  • Examine the small risk posed by some extreme right groups promoting violent extremism and terrorism
  • Explore the many, contrasting underlying ideologies of far and extreme right groups, from neo-Nazi to ‘Counter-Jihad’, and assess their appeal too.
  • Consider the impact of far and extreme right groups on the wide range of people they target, including Muslim and Jewish communities.
  • Survey the online presence of the extreme right, including its use of social media platforms, as well as less well known sites promoting extreme right views
  • Map some of the international linkups found within far and extreme right groups
  • Identify issues posed by militant anti-fascist responses to the extreme right, and highlight more constructive, non-militant forms of opposition to the extreme right
  • Discuss how issues posed by the extreme right relate to policies such as Prevent
    Cost: £60. Lunch and refreshments provided. Group discounts available.

The workshop will run from 9.00 to 16.30 at the Sunley Conference Centre, Park Campus, University of Northampton.

To book, please contact Karin Ferngren or use the online shop.
To find out more, contact Dr Paul Jackson.