Don’t let the racists divide us – No to fascist Britain First!

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It’s with disgust that we learn that the Britain First (BF) fascist group are coming to Birmingham on 3 June. The fascists have cynically called the demonstration in an effort to inflame racism and Islamophobia, following the appalling attack in Westminster, last month. BF are notorious Islamophobes whose concern is not with the victims or their relatives, but in spreading race hate. Their unwanted visit was to have been on the same day as the brilliant local Pride event. But the fascists have backtracked…

BF are using the same poisonous reasoning as the English Defence League did when the latter polluted our city on 8 April: that Birmingham is the ‘Jihadi capital’ of the UK.

This racist slur was opposed by hundreds at a UAF rally when the EDL were in town and famously by Saffiyah Khan, in a picture that exposed the EDL for what they are, racist bullies.

BF are cut from the same cloth. Only recently was their leader Golding released from jail, following a breach of a court order which banned him/BF from intimidating of Muslims at mosques. BF, though small, are led by ex BNP thugs who have a long history of violent racism and attacks on Muslims. The murderer of Jo Cox MP shouted ‘Britain First’ during his foul act.

We should not be divided by such fascists. UAF calls on anti-fascists to join us in mass opposition to the fascists on 27 May – our unity is our strength. Please invite your friends/share this page, more details TBC.