Don’t let the racists divide us – Demonstrate – No to fascist Britain First/EDL!

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The appalling events in London, at Parliament, on Wednesday 22 March, where four people were killed and a number injured, have shocked us all.

Our Deepest sympathies extend to the victims and their families. There can be no justification for such horror. Sickeningly, but horribly predictably, in their haste to incite Islamophobia and hatred of Muslims, the fascists of Britain First (BF), have called a march in Central London, on 1 April. ‘Britain first’ were words echoed by Thomas Mair, when he murdered Jo Cox MP. BF had planned to be in Darwen where local trade unionists and North West UAF were to counter their hate.

The weakened rump of the English Defence League (EDL) have also said they will be in Central London, in a similarly cynical attempt to make some headway out of the events in Westminster. BF, like other fractured fascist groups, wish to regroup, on the back of the attack in London. They must not be allowed to. Neither BF or the EDL have significant forces, but their efforts to inflame Islamophobia need opposing.

Both groups are notorious Islamophobes whose concern is not with the victims or their relatives, but only lie in racism. We should not be divided by such fascists. UAF calls on anti fascists to join us in mass opposition to the fascists – our unity is our strength. Assemble, South Africa House, Central London, 1 April, 12 noon, please spread the word to your friends, workmates, at College.

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