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Far right pulling out the stops for Robinson’s rally

Britain’s far right is falling in behind the Luton leprechaun ‘Tommy Robinson’ to build his 27 July rally in Trafalgar Square.

Amongst those gathered this week in an office in Fleet St to discuss how to promote the event were Laurence ‘Looza’ Fox, Katie Hopkins, Calvin Robinson, former UKIP leader Gerard Batten, Mahyar Tousi, Richard Inman and UKIP’s Jeff Taylor.

Also on the agenda was how to unify the disparate elements of the far right into one movement.

The right is pulling out all the stops for 27 July. Anti-fascists and anti-racists must do the same.

All out on 27 July! No pasaran!

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New Attorney General was youthful Searchlight volunteer.

Britain’s fascists are getting a bit exercised by Keir Starmer’s appointment of Richard Hermer, KC, as the new Labour government’s Attorney General.

For Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative, it is enough that Mr Hermer is proudly Jewish to provoke a disapproving comment.

However, had he managed to read to the end of the Jewish Chronicle profile which revealed this shocking fact, he would also have learned that Mr Hermer was also, in his younger days, a Searchlight volunteer. As a student in Manchester, he was an active and dedicated anti-fascist working closely with Searchlight.

That further revelation did not, however, escape the eagle eye of Heritage and Destiny deputy editor, Peter Rushton, who recorded it on his Real History blog, albeit without comment.

Later in his career, Richard also helped Searchlight with occasional legal advice and was a patron of Searchlight Research Associates. We are proud to count him amongst our friends, and we offer our very warmest congratulations on his appointment.

It’s a terrific signing…

Irish criminal calls on UK government to… er… deport more foreign criminals

We see that Tommy Robinson has decided to have a moan about early prisoner releases (to help with overcrowding). We feel confident that he will be talking out of the other side of his arse soon enough.

Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley Leprechaun) is pretty good at getting himself banged up. We don’t mind betting that next time it happens he and his legal beagles will be jostling to get to the front of those queueing to be let out after just 40% time served.

What riles him most, it seems, is that non-English types are also being released early. ”They keep importing them,” he whines, ”and fail to deport any foreign criminals.”

It’s a view, we suppose, but it’s an odd note to strike from someone who is known to travel on an Eire passport. Yes, for all of his Ingerlish-as-jellied-eels posturing, the race-baiter is an Irish citizen. He may as well call himself ’Tommy O’Hooligan’.

According to recent court rulings, this presumably means that Yaxley could, if the government so desired, be given the Shamima Begum treatment and be stripped of his British citizenship and deported for being a public menace.

’Bring it on’ we say, ’send him home’ and ’treble Redbreast single pot stills all round’.

Loyalists have short memory of Farage betrayal

Well, after one act of backstabbing betrayal by Nigel Farage today – dumping his deputy leader Ben Habib – we are now reminded of another: Traditional Unionist Voice MP and party leader Jim Allister (pictured) has announced he may sit with Reform UK in the Commons and accept the Reform whip.

According to the BBC: “Mr Allister said there was no reason he wouldn’t sit beside Nigel Farage” given the two parties had an electoral pact during the general election.

Well, try this one: despite the election pact, Farage went and publicly endorsed Ian Paisley Jr, the DUP candidate running against Allister in North Antrim.

The TUV leader obviously has a very short memory indeed – as apparently does the BBC whose report make no mention of this at all.

Read more about it here:

Final farewell from UKIP Party Director

Well, as we predicted, recently departed UKIP Party Director and NEC member Pat Mountain has now also resigned her Directorship of UKIP Ltd, the company which controls the party, and indeed as a party member. So, it’s an angry goodbye from her, the latest in a long list of high level departures, as concerns about the current leadership spread.

Oddly though, Lois Perry, the former party leader who resigned on June 16, during the election campaign and after only a few weeks in the job, continues to be listed as a director in company records. There is, of course, a legal requirement to notify any change to Companies House within 14 days of it taking place.