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University professor under investigation for role as 'white supremacist'

A California State psychology professor is under investigation for controversial work that has labelled him 'the neo-Nazi movement's favourite academic' by one civil rights group.

But to Professor Kevin MacDonald, a self-confessed 'white advocate' and leader of a new political party branded 'racist' and 'anti-Semitic' by critics, it's all just a matter of free speech.

'We're being displaced, it's so obvious,' Mr McDonald, a California State University, Long Beach professor since 1985 defended of his group's beliefs on race to KCAL.

university professor under investigation-01According to the American Defamation League it’s Mr McDonald’s views against Jews and immigrants hurting America’s white race that’s earned him the praise of white supremacists and anti-Semites today.

It's also led to several attempts to see him fired at the university with his classes additionally boycotted by students, KCAL reports.

'There’s the NAACP for black people, the ADL for Jewish-Americans, but the very thought that white people have identity and should be able to organize to pursue their interests as white people is off the map, and anyone who talks that way they will try to fire them,' Mr MacDonald defended.

university professor under investigation-02As director of American Third Position (A3P), he believes immigration into the U.S. should be stopped, jobs should be prevented from going overseas and America's sovereignty needs protecting.

Also he says, describing it as a threat, whites will be the country's minority by 2042.

'The American Third Position party believes that government policy in the United States discriminates against white Americans, the majority population, and that white Americans need their own political party to fight this discrimination,' A3P's mission statement reads on their website.

university professor under investigation-03'...Within a few decades we will become a minority across the entire country. Enough is enough!'

'If it was just about organizing, that’s one thing, but it’s about advocating for a separatist ideology, a supremacist ideology where whites reign supreme over other groups,' Melissa Carr, the director of the ADL of Long Beach and Orange County told KCAL.

'He’s written that the Jewish people are a parasitic society that feeds off their host until they take it over,' said Ms Carr.

university professor under investigation-04‘The fact is that the US did have a sense of being a European, Christian society until very recently,’ a claimed blog excerpt of his reads on the Southern Poverty Law Center website which brands him 'the neo-Nazi movement's favourite academic.'

‘Christianity was an uncontested part of public culture until large-scale Jewish immigration in the early 20th century. The immigration laws were biased in favor of Europeans until 1965 when the long Jewish campaign to change them finally succeeded,’ the excerpt concludes.

‘The white working class can’t move to different areas, they can’t easily be trained, they’re competing with illegals, they’ve gone for minimum-wage jobs that can’t support a family…that’s the pathetic thing that’s really going on,’ Mr MacDonald said of his beliefs.

university professor under investigation-05His ability to continue teaching is with the support of his university, at least his ability to practice free speech, not his beliefs.

'The personal and academic opinion presented by Kevin MacDonald do not represent the opinions or belief of the university or the faculty,’ said CA State University Spokesman Rick Gloady in a statement to KCAL.

‘While the university defends academic freedom and freedom of speech, it is important to note that Dr MacDonald's views are entirely his own,' it concludes.

university professor under investigation-06As for Mr MacDonald, he says he has no plans to discontinue his teaching at the university though at times he does feel tempted to fight back over 'outrageous' reactions to his beliefs and 'not give them what the want,' as he told KCAL.

In a video posted to YouTube recording one of his class discussions on his beliefs in 2010, while at least one student is seen walking out of the room, students are heard taking both sides to his arguments.

'I'm a white guy. I’m not going to say I'm a white supremacist or anything,’ an unidentified male student addresses the class. ‘But say there are certain scholarship funds that donate money to only certain coloured people, there are a lot of organizations that are only focused on certain backgrounds. I don't see why he couldn't focus his studies on strictly white studies.'

‘It says here that your ideology justifies slavery, genocide,’ an off-camera female student tells him.

‘That’s ridiculous,’ he answers.

‘So, you don’t?’

‘No, of course not,’ he says.


Credit: Daily Mail

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