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Skinheads, Jobbik MP, Reform Church minister commemorate WWII battle in Buda Castle

A break-out attempt of German and Hungarian soldiers from Buda Castle besieged by the Soviet Army in February 1945 was commemorated in the Buda Hills and near Deli Railway Station on Saturday afternoon.

The former event was attended by about 150 participants, mostly wearing black jackets and lace-boots, with their heads shaved; the latter commemoration was attended by about 400 people, mainly clad in military uniforms.

Speakers emphasised the importance of joining forces against the “Zionist world power” and the “globalist world order”, in the interests of European culture, with several speakers cheering National Socialism.

The speakers included a minister of the Reformed Church, and the event was also attended by an MP of the radical nationalist Jobbik party.

Some of the participants, gathered in Szell Kalman Square before the event, were faced with about twenty anti-fascist demonstrators there. The two groups were separated by police until those who came to attend the commemoration left.

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